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  1. We didn't join s1 because It was full at the time, so once we reached servorgrad we checked if it was still full and it wasn't so we joined s1 and went to our tents to put some gear away then we logged off at our campsite.
  2. We were not doing this so called loot cycling we simply looted the tents and then left to our camp. Our tents were on s1 so we had to change servers to get to them when we logged we were in severgrad and it was at least 20 minuets later from when we met the guys at the nwaf tents.
  3. T Guy

    BadRP, NCFH S2 Pustoshka

    I Removed this due to thread closing
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Possible-Combat-loging-and-KOS-of-a-Random Why the verdict is not fair: Because even before the server crashed I had things to do in real life and I had no time to get back on. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: no What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be un banned What could you have done better?: Nothing I didn't choose to log out in that spot and I couldn't get back on because I had something to do in real life.
  5. T Guy

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    I don't either
  6. T Guy

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    three guys approach us and Shitty RP out saying keep hands up, more concerned for the dead body looting instead of RP'ing with the hostages he has who were more geared... At the time I was not aware you both were with the group I initiated on I thought the guy infront of you was robbing you because he had his gun raised at both of you. And we did not have time to really talk about the weather and nature when we were still in a active firefight. And the man was killed because he fit the exact description of one of the men from the group we initiated on and he was 50 meters away from the spot.
  7. T Guy

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    POV: I walk up to Vybor military base and I am approached by a group of men, I talk to them and leave after a new man comes up and they go over to him. I go in the compound behind a wall and yell "ALL OF YOU IN THE FIELD PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW YOU ARE SURROUNDED!" a couple of the men comply the other men begin to run away my friends on Veresnik hill fire at the runners, some of them make it into the compound I fire at the ones that did they fire back I get hit I escape. Me and my group retreat 300m east heal our selves and go back to the base to kill any enemies left there, We find one man that fit the EXACT description of one of the men that didn't comply he was standing in front of 2 men with there hands up aiming a gun at them Nick Westie shoots the man in the head from Veresnik hill. Me and Chimp then run over and tell the 2 surrendered men "it's ok we aren't here to harm you and we aren't going to rob you" we took some gear off the guy Nick killed then the server crashed before we could leave the area.
  8. T Guy

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    My allies were Nick Westie Aaron Clark and Chimp Johnson
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Bad-RP-Pustoshka Why the verdict is not fair: Because I wasn't the one that initiated and the whole time I wasn't aware I had the voip bug. I was the shooter I was out of sight I killed the 2 non complying victims, and once I realized I had the sound bug was when I moved out of cover after killing the 2 victims to handcuff the man that surrendered because Chimp the one that initiated on them had none. The man that surrendered could hear me but I couldn't hear him, I wasn't going to relog to fix the voip bug while in a active robbery so I told the hostage to nod if he understood me and he did. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Basically I was banned for something I didn't do and I feel my ban was not fair. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be un banned What could you have done better?: Nothing I was not aware I had the sound bug and it is not my fault I had it.
  10. T Guy

    S2 Bad RP, Pustoshka

    Tucker says You came up to us, we spoke and you spoke. It seemed like you understood what we were saying. It seemed that there was a non issue with the VOIP. You immediately leave after we made contact with each other, and you come back a few minutes later, loot for about a minute in front of us, not once even talking with us, and then you hide behind a car and initiate I say Chimp was the one that talked to you guys and initiated not me.
  11. T Guy

    S2 Bad RP, Pustoshka

    Bryan Greys Pov Me and Chimp were in Pustoshka we hear a truck pull up we see 3 guys get out, at the time we needed a truck to drive to the coast to pick up our friend so we rob them. I tell Chimp to go behind the broken Humvee and tell them to put there hands up, Chimp yells "Put your hands up all of you!" one of them does and I see one guy get out of the back of the truck un armed he looks over at chimp sees him and decides to pull out his aug to try to kill Chimp so I kill him before he could. The third person runs and hides in a shed next to the truck Chimp says "You in the shed come out with your hands up!" the person in the shed comes out completely ignores Chimps orders and walks over to the man I killed to try to grab his aug and fire back so I kill him for not complying. We then hand cuff the man that surrendered, At the time I couldn't hear what he was saying because I had the sound bug but I told him just nod if he understood me and he did, I also told him I was suffering from some hearing problems and that I couldn't hear him. Sorry for taking so long to respond.
  12. T Guy

    S1, KoS at Stary Sobor

    Claristic Why he would think this man shot and killed his friend 10 minutes before is pretty odd. He was wearing the same things as the man that killed my friend and he had my friends gear and was 20 meters away from where my friend died. And 10 minutes is a long time people will often scan the area then move in once it looks safe. Bryan actually comes to apparently loot Pavel's body when we run off to take cover. I came over to confirm my kill not to loot. Point of adding this, is that we could have easily assumed Bryan shot Pavel and killed him. No you couldn't have you never saw or heard me.
  13. T Guy

    S1, KoS at Stary Sobor

    I wasn't the one being robbed I don't know where you got that from, and like I said the shooter may have thought I ran off and thought it was safe to loot the body. And it didn't seem like they were a group they were talking in direct communication right next to where someone was killed after they looted the body.
  14. T Guy

    S1, KoS at Stary Sobor

    Here is my pov, Basically me and my friend chimp were robbing someone in Stary Sobor, chimp ended up getting shot and killed and the man we were robbing ran off. After Chimp was killed I ran towards where the shooter was I saw him and fired a few shots at him I wasn't sure if they hit or not I lost sight of him after that, I saw that the shooter was wearing a m65 jacket a face mask and a hunting bag he also had either a AK74 or a AKM. 10 minutes later I spot someone where Chimp was killed that looks exactly like the man I was shooting at earlier I approach to get a better look and then I notice he has Chimp's AKM on his back and his own AKM in hand And the women in front of him had Chimp's Steyr Aug. At the time I believed what was going on was he thought I ran off and it was safe to come loot Chimp's dead body so I killed the man that had chimp's AKM on his back because he looked like the man who killed Chimp.
  15. T Guy

    NVFL/Avoiding RP

    Chimp pretty much explained what I was going to say but I'll explain my pov anyway. When we walked away from the heli crash about 500m away we were approached by the Russian posers or what ever they call them selves, they come up to us and say "hey why you running away from that heli crash we were calling you" tho me and Chimp didn't hear them calling us we also didn't see any of them near or around the heli crash they were probably yelling at us from 300 meters away, after that the Russian poser leader starts picking at our clothing saying stuff like "why you wear that black beret its for chedaki and why you wear all black that's what the chedaki wear a lot". Me and Chimp at the time were not aware of the whole high school cool kids gang dress code thing that everyone seems to get pissed off about when the wrong people are wearing that kind of clothing. Shortly after that they begin trying to make a circle around us and I ask whats with your formation? the leader says " what formation I just want to talk to you" so I say what do you want to talk about then I can also offer you food and ammo if you need he then says " no I want you both to put hands up" at the time I had a 7.62 fully automatic AKM with a 75 round drum mag that is capable of firing 600 rounds a minute I have 2 guys in front of me I mow down the first Russian and as I began firing at the 2nd man that was side shuffling which would make his aim horrible I get shot from my right side and killed, but the only guy I saw to my right was a unarmed bald head fresh spawn holding binoculars so I didn't think of him as a threat so that's. Why I opened fire not because I had no value for my life but because I knew at the time I was capable of killing the 2 men in front of me. On a side note Your reason for robbing us was horrible like your Russian accents, I offer you food and ammo and you decide to rob us you had no reason to rob us in the first place you all had full kit gear besides the bald head with binoculars which after watching the video seemed to have gear after all. Food is everywhere so are medical supplies in the video you have enough food to feed the kids of Africa and you have medical supplies as well, you only robbed us for our berets which to me is fail rp you could have offered to trade with us or asked us kindly to please dispose of them since they seem to be an evil omen to everyone on the server. But since your combat thirsty because all you and your gang do is run up and down the map hording gear and you never get to use it so you decide to begin robbing people for small little silly reasons. -User was warned for this post-