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  1. Russian born singer and song writer Kitten was born onto a ruling family of Kaliningrad. Her family sheltered and pampered her keeping her locked away citadel so that her childhood was no different than any other privileged child prior to the outbreak. She begged and begged to be released into the world beyond the walls she was imprisoned behind--her family and the servants insisted there was nothing for her out there and no proper lady would associate with those in poverty. Undeterred she began logging every staff moments and patrol schedules. Once she had discovered a blind spot she took her chance and sneaked out of the citadel. She found the world outside her walls to be poverty stricken and the populous her father and mother ruled over to be enslaved. A large commotion began to stir and she followed a large group of people to the town square where she saw her father onstage accompanied by the royal guard. Expecting one of the bombastically charismatic speeches her father delivered to the common folk at special events at the citadel she stayed hidden in the crowd. Five farmers were escorted onstage by the royal guard and a prestigiously dressed man accused them of falling behind on their quota. One of the farmers pleaded that their farm was overran by frenzied--Kitten's mind trailed off wondering what frenzied might mean. Her focus was snapped back into reality as a staccato of gunshots rang out leaving the five farmers heaped over and mangled with blood pooling out beneath their mutilated forms. Her father addressed the crowd and told them that this is the fate on conspirators and traitors that would openly lie as they took advantage of the protection of the state. Kitten shoved her way out of the confines of the crowd and fled to one of the city's outer walls. The gates were open and the guards were engaged with killing humans who snarled and lunged like animals without any thoughts of self-preservation. Kitten was confused by these strange folk but it did not stop her from capitalizing on the moment and jumping into one of the royal guard's armored vehicles and fleeing the city with utmost haste. Eventually her vehicle ran out of fuel and after taking everything of import that she could carry she continued her journey on foot. After several hours she found herself ambushed by a group of bandits--luckily she was tutored in all arts of self-defense as well as offense by the captain of her father's guard. Taking the bandits completely by surprise she disarmed her would be captor she mowed down seven of their number. She took a new clip off the corpse before her and whipped the assault rifle around to see if any other bandits remained and she found a mysterious stranger had silently slit the throats of three of the remaining men. Before she had a chance to thank him the stranger signed the word for friend before disappearing into the woods. Curious by this odd behavior she followed him
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