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  1. CactusJack009


    Found this old screenshot on my PC. From my first character all the way back in 2014. How time flies.
  2. CactusJack009

    Tales From The Trails

    Some serene shots from my time walking the trails.
  3. Joseph leans against a tree looking down the trail. A quick gust picks up shaking the trees lightly as he picks up his radio and presses ptt "To anyone who can hear this. I'd love to talk. My name is Joseph. You might have met me if you travel some of the back roads and hiking trails. If you don't know my story..." Joseph lets go of ptt for a moment. Fixing his eyes down the path, the feint noise of a howl. He pulls the radio close and presses ptt again "Alright I'll make it quick. I'm a journalist. Well...I was a journalist. I came here to cover the war and I was doing a pretty alright job before all this went down. The madness of the situation we are all in should not be forgotten. All the information and history we have lost...it saddens me deeply. All this history lost like the fire of Alexandria. I hope deep down that I can help preserve some of the history we are making now." Joseph lets out a deep sigh before continuing "I'm not used to putting myself out there like this. I'd like to hear your stories. Both your personal experience and the experience you have had with the factions I have heard of only in passing. Whether you are alone with no one at your side. Or hell, maybe even a leader of one these groups would be interested in showing me how your group functions. I won't beg and I want judge. I just want to preserve the history of man. Of those who have chosen to survive. In the off chance that somehow civilization recovers from this tragedy, I hope someone will be around to tell our stories." Joseph lets go of the ptt and leans off the tree digging into the back. He looks back down the path to see a pack of wolves slowly crossing the hiking trail a hundred yards down the way. He grips his radio tightly as he begins to creep back towards town.
  4. Erik was born to an american mother and a Scottish father. They lived in a small town but were closer to gypsies. They lives a nomadic life style. Moving from place to place at will. A lot of people would call them hippies in a derogatory way. Erik grew up backpacking across the UK and Europe with his mother and father. His life was radically different due to this. He never went to school or had close friends. At age 18 he finally decided it was time to go off and adventure on his own. His parents kept in touch through postcards as he began his life in Uni. The university life just wasn't for him though. He found his crazy, always moving lifestyle made staying in one place for so long a chore. He dropped out after only four months. He left his stuff, grabbed a bag. And used what little money he could to fly to mainland Europe. He lived the same lifestyle his parents lived. He would hop from couch to couch, hostel to hostel. He would stay at a few for a month or so to help them on large projects at the hostel. He finally felt he could be himself. A lone wolf, but with the purpose and drive to help others when he got the chance. He spent years traveling across Europe and Asia till the outbreak began to spread. He found himself in the middle of an outbreak in the Ukraine and helped the few people he could before society began to break down. From then on he moved as often as he could to find people to help. Now he find himself here in Chernarus continuing his nomadic lifestyle, but with the purpose to find other survivors to help.
  5. @Saunders can you lock this thread because you've helped me resolve the issue.
  6. Did a system restore to two days ago. Finally have it working after redownload. Not sure what on Earth caused this problem in the first place but it is now resolved. I really appreciate your help. I can't emphasize enough how thankful I am! See you in game survivor
  7. Really appreciate your help. I just might have to.
  8. I don't have the day files on both harddrives. Just the one. Deleted the folder, reran verification, and this did not work once again.
  9. I've done everything listed. It seems I just won't be able to play the server at all.
  10. This is how the files look in the Launcher folder. You are saying I should delete the SteamLayerWrap.dll and then do what exactly? I'm not quite understanding Also, this is keeping me from playing on the server which is quite annoying lol
  11. @Saunders I did those steps last night and redid them again just now. Sadly no luck.
  12. Hey everyone. I'm having this constant issue where if I right click on DayZ to start the DayZ Launcher I get this error code (attached). I've tried verifying my game files, reinstalling C++ packages, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, unsubscribed and resubscribed to mods. I can't get this fixed at all! I'm pulling my hair out for two hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Joseph was born to a small, homely family in the small town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. His parents were farmers and spent the little money they made from it on taking care of him and his sister Amy. Joseph was a normal small town kid. He felt safe in his cozy home and never had aspirations of leaving town as a kid. During his high school years he fell in love with a lovely girl named Chloe Jones, the daughter of the police chief in town. The started dating after he confessed his infatuation with her at the dance their junior year. They were inseparable. Most days ended with them kissing good night after he walked her home. As his high school career came to an end, Joseph fell in love once again. This time with writing. He formed a passion for it and began working for the school news paper his entire senior year. His passion soon turned into a career as he worked at the local paper while going to college for a short time. His girlfriend, the love of his life, had joined him in college to become a nursing student. Things were getting comfy and he began to feel that everything was falling in place. But disaster will not hold its tongue. The news came of his father falling extremely ill with cancer. His mother was doing what she could but his father had little time left if they couldn't get him greater help. Joseph fought relentlessly inside himself to find a solution. The Stillwater Times, the company he enjoyed working for so much, offered him a life line. They asked if he would step up and work with the larger Oklahoma newspapers to cover the ongoing civil war in the east. Joseph had never dreamed of living his small town life but knew he had to for the sake of his family. Days later he was kissing his family and girlfriend behind and taking a plane for the first time. He sat anxious and scared looking over the vast landscape of this part of Asia. It was only a few weeks for him to first see action. A bombardment just over the border could be seen from the window of the hotel he was staying at. Little did he know only a few weeks later the world would be thrown into all our chaos.
  14. Does anyone have some good advice for surviving Standalone early on in your life? I have an issue with dying quickly and finding myself in bad spots. Any tips would be welcome!
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