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  1. Yeah Really Okay since i play cod am a kiddie that ruins the concept? Lel jesus don't take it like that, it was only for players running around killing everything that moves. Unless you do that then I consider you one :-) Good day
  2. I'm not sure if it's only for me but some areas are like loot mania but other areas are just plain nothing where loot should be lol
  3. Yeah I guess bugs and people are bastards lol
  4. No I didn't hear anything at all, my guy didn't make no noise. I just went up to the third floor and I saw a fire Extinguisher and a red dry bag and was looting the drybag and suddenly black screen and the "You Are Dead" slowly appears. At first I thought the server switched to night or something. And probably was a bug or someone got a perfect headshot but I'll try again soon
  5. After my last death I was quite disappointed with SA, I started to play again and actually had fun. I went through a few towns, survived on apples and berries (Red), and some wells and ponds. I had some good stuff to, I made a couple of snares and had my own fireplace. I finally was able to get a gun to. I was in some town pretty big and it had a construction site. I made my way the the third floor and was looting when suddenly I was killed. Randomly no sound or anything. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or some player that killed me but it was random and it made no sound. I just suddenly see the black screen and the "You Are Dead" appearing in sight. I must have terrible luck with SA as soon as I get good gear and I'm happy with it all, I get killed
  6. RoachKOTN

    Night time server crashes?

    I been having the same exact problem, at first I figured it was my connection. I'm glad to see people are having the same problem. I hope they change it to day soon see if the problem continues.
  7. Playing this for a while makes me miss the RP more haha
  8. Thank you all, I will play again soon and hopefully be better at it
  9. Hopefully it will Yeah don't play SA very much, gotta get used to it
  10. Okay I was extremely excited that I got accepted, and I went straight into the game. I loved it so far but the thing that ruined half my experience was not the community's fault at all. It's just SA in genre, I spawn near Solnichniy and immediately had a hunger and thirst issue. I was alright with it, I search all of Solnichniy and found no food or water at all, even searched the factory....nothing. My hunger turned to orange and my thirst was still yellow. Going towards Berezino on the outskirts near some houses I found a well and I saw my thirst was orange. I drank for a good 4-5 minutes barely made it yellow again. I said whatever, found no one. I saw that my hunger was getting worse, searched even more houses nothing, got bugged in one and couldn't get out but soon finally made it. I made it inside the town and my hunger turned to starvation and it said I was dying. My screen was getting lighter losing my color, I keep trying to find food and finally found an orange and Tactical Bacon but it barely did anything. I soon passed out in Berezino and got really irritated and left. I'll be back again it's just I'm not a fan of SA at all really. I hope the Mod makes a return soon. So far okay experience but hopefully I get better luck cause there was really nothing at all i could do with my death.
  11. Sure you will bro Same with me, looking for a new experience. Not just a free for all. Hopefully you'll meet my Character in game. We're all like actors with our Characters haha
  12. Were you killed there to? No just worried about it now
  13. Why do trolls and COD kiddies have to ruin such an awesome concept? Why?
  14. Thank you all, the community here is great! )