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      Thanks dude!  Miss hanging around with the Vices a lot o7

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    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Cant wait to kill whitenames Roleplay!
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    BeanZ WAR

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    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    Clayton POV: Logged in and was trying to figure out what’s going on, started taking shots up on a hill, went with Hutch to see what was going on, saw some dude in a red tracksuit and we said we were cool but then he shot Hutch and my Lego right next to me so I killed him.
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    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    Carmichaels reporting for duty!
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    The Carmichael brothers @LegoOG @Thrillshire
  7. September 25th, 1991. Jericho, Texas was no longer a ghost town as it's last remaining family, the Carmine's welcomed triplet boys. Anthony, Benjamin, and Carmine. There wasn't much to do in Jericho, a town filled with cattle and ghost barns. Clayton's Pa had been out of work for years, with little motivation to find a job. Pa was motivated though, to find the next bottle to consume. Often, he'd come home late, drunk, and would take it out on Ma. Clayton and his brothers first memory is their Pa striking their Ma after a long night of drinking. Ma was no cupcake though, she stayed up one night waiting for Pa to come home and hit her again. When Pa arrived, Ma was sitting in her chair, facing the doorway, shotgun in her lap. "What in the hell do you think you're doing with my gun Woman?!" Pa yelled as he started moving towards her. Ma stood up, put that shotgun barrel right between his eyes and calmly stated "Get out. Don't ever come back." Smirking, Pa replied "You don't have the guts to pull the trigger". Ma cocked the gun and pressed it even harder against his head ready to pull the trigger, but saw all 3 of her boys watching from the staircase, all next to each other and watching. "I have enough guts to protect my boys from a drunk monster like you. Now you've got 3 seconds. 3..." Pa didn't move. "2" Now Pa's face had changed from cocky to worrisome. "1" Pa slowly backed towards the door, hands to his side. He took one last look at the boys. Pa went out the door, walked to his truck, turned it on, and that was the last time the boys ever saw their Pa. Clayton strived for his Ma's approval. He was quiet and always ran to his Ma when his brothers would pick on him. She taught him everything that their Pa couldn't. How to shoot, make food and basically survive. Just as much as Clayton loved his Ma he loved his brothers, he would do anything for those two. He relied heavily on his two brothers for the surviving aspect of things because he was never as good as them. When tragedy struck and Ma passed from breast cancer it took a heavy toll on Clayton. The boys took their Ma and buried her in the backyard. Clayton stayed out there for hours, just sitting there, as if something was going to change. All he had left were his brothers, no education, no job... no hope. It turned out to be his brothers who offered him that hope. They survived together, for Ma. Striving for there purpose. At the ages of 18, Clayton and his brothers enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During boot camp, the brothers undertook parachute training and combatant diving qualification courses and were designated 0326 Reconnaissance Marine, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified, and were assigned to the 27th MEU, aboard the USS Khe Sanh, and deployed overseas to the Green Sea to assist in the Chernarussian Civil War. After the civil war's end the 27th remained in Chernarus as a relief aide for the war torn Nation. In 2017, when the outbreak occurred, Clayton and his brothers were assigned to Delta Squad, led by Lt. Peter Brooks. They were in the Northern region of Chernarus near Tisy Military Base, when radios went silent. After months of fending for themselves, the brothers were separated from their unit and lost all contact with CENTCOM. In the following years, the Carmine brothers had did all they could to stake out a new life in this hell-torn land and were committed to surviving, no matter the cost.
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      yung groovy

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    Marcus would lean back in the chair he carried up the hill over looking Novaya, take one puff of his joint and push the PTT "To the Russian fella, I met your brother one time. Real crazy motherfucker, not surprised he ended up dying in the end. Oh and fuck the Chedaki. Fuck all russians to be honest, only ever met a few good ones. While im at the whole fuck this and that, fuck Falk and fuck the Irish." He'd lean back and start laughing "Oh and if you plan on responding then please come up with something new eh. I know you're Irish and all but try to come up with something other than the rumors you tell everyone." He'd pause and look at his beloved factory "Viva La Saviors." He'd stand up pick up his backpack, wipe off his white tracksuit and release the PTT
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    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    Deus Vult
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    The Black Roses

    I’ll get the boxing ring ready. welcome home pops @MouseWB
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    Capital Vices (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Thank you both, means a lot! You too brotha, we’ll share a ‘pop’ one of these days.
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    S2- Prison Island- 6/29/2019- AOGM

    Panda POV: Don’t remember much, There were three of us coming to assist, fought some muslims on the mainland and died after a bit.
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    Capital Vices (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Thank you oh great one!
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    BeanZ WAR

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    S1 2019-07-03 Novaya Petrovka - Duping

    Panda POV: ran up to novaya, thought id go check on the factory for memories. broke in, found boxes of all the same stuff, took some stuff, then left. Edit: Wouldnt of thought it was suspicious if it was different ak's or stuff was different but they were all practically the same
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

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    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Thanks for clearing that up @NorwayRP no problems here.
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    Roby's Graffic Workshop

    Yo looking at the gifs from way back when there sick. Hope you continue!
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    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Excuse me if i’m wrong here because i might possibly be 100% wrong but looking at the lore part of it the last thing Major told you guys to do is "Beslan-1 this is Zaslon-1. Begin stockpiling ammunition and firearms in a secure area near the southern coast or the most convenient locale. Establish a pool of nearby proxies and allies to help promote our interests, and ensure that no regime forces or their lackey militia scum take or at any point deploy anti-air forces into the provinces or take control of any airbase. Once these tasks are completed, report back. We will keep you updated on the internal situation, all is well for now and ever. Over." Now if these “militias” had AA forces or lives at an airbase then this would make sense but it basically says to make allies and start stockpiling. I don’t see how these people are getting in the way. They have no AA and they don’t live on an airfield. I would personally think you would want them as allies to spread your propaganda to make it to stage three to help you take down the CDF. Once again I could be completely wrong so if I am then excuse me. It’s just a question I have, I have no problem with the fighting and all that.
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    @Jorrdan @NotMrPink find me a new gif

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      there you go 😉


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    BeanZ WAR

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    BeanZ WAR

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    BeanZ WAR

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    BeanZ WAR

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