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    fuckin fix ur pc noob

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      friday 😉

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    Photo of the month?
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    Big question

    I still dont get it....
  4. Not baiting, just knew you wouldn’t do it without 5 more GD’s. Toward the end of where the chat log ends I say, “so you are a pussy” because you said something along the lines of, i’m not gonna do anything until my boys show up, you were even saying shit back so don’t try to say I was baiting. I didn’t even know where joey was due to me muting the radio when i’m talking to someone. Also, I didn’t start running because you didn’t “bite my bait”?? I started running because you literally said you were calling your friends up, and even just admited it.
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    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Good luck with this my boys
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    S1 Novaya Fields - 2019 /03/ 13 - 19:00 | BadRP - Attempted RDM

    Panda POV: I just woke up at bash and i was waiting for @JoeyOG to show up to give him one of the two M4's i had, while i was waiting for him i saw one person run up to the barrack i was across from and hide behind it, im not sure if he logged out or if i lost him but i was weary of this. After waiting to see if the guy i just saw would come and talk to me or not @Wong and @Bounty showed up. Immediately after seeing me wong was talking about the gun ban and was trying to strong arm me. I ended up giving him one of the M4's i had but he still wanted the mag i took out of it. So after that i kept talking to him and bantering back and forth and he was saying he was bringing his boys up and talking on his radio. I decided to just run off and i met Joey in the field just below bash. After meeting up with Joey i gave him my M4 and Wong just ran by us and said nothing and bounty came up and actually RP'd with both of us. It seemed to be going good and Joey asked where Wong was and i started pointing at where Wong was standing. Thats when Wong ran up to us and asked why I was "fucking pointing at him" i believe. Thats when Joey asked "is your name Wong" and Wong responded with "yes.." then some other stuff i dont remember. Joey then initiates on Wong immediately points his gun in the middle of Joeys initiation and he attempted to kill us in a 2v2 is what it seemed. I shot at Wong and before Wong went down i aimed at Bounty and it looked like her hands were going up like she was raising her gun. I shot her i believe twice with an mp7 in the arm and stopped as soon as i saw what she was doing. I felt bad and even dropped my gun and exposed myself just to bandage her. Joey then goes and limps off due to Wong shooting him and he didnt want to die. I stayed with her and was afraid for my life due to Wong saying he was bring his boys with him. I didnt want Bounty to be in any more harms way then she was and told her to run back from where she came from and let her go. Her gun was on the ground but i didnt realize it was hers in the heat of the moment (thought it was wongs). Besides that when we were at bash she was the one that took my gun when i dropped it. Anyway, i didnt want her to get shot in the cross fire that might have ensued so i told her to leave. After this Joey and I ran off and we both tended to his wounds he received.
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    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    Congrats boys!
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    Coming back

    Welcome back!
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    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats boys
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    DayZRP mod February content update

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    Pogo's Photo collections

    Wow that second pic who is that beautiful man
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    sad jim carrey GIF

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      Musty hoe

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      Dusty ass

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      ... Shut up my children



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    no way abandon thread GIF

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    God Bless The United States of America

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    Moody's Funeral

    *Marcus pulls out his radio and pushes the PTT after hearing a familiar voice on the radio* “I know of the place, I hope to see everyone there. See you boys soon.” *A long sigh can be heard before Marcus releases the PTT and puts his radio back in his bag*
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