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  1. I can understand that, I can see why you’re suggesting it now lmaoo. The fires are a killer
  2. you can sew up your cuts with the sewing kit so I personally don’t think that the duct tape will be needed. Your blood clots after 5 minutes and you can’t bleed out and die from one cut alone
  3. 1817207049_coupledmags.jpg.20671c1ef696c7f0c76639e6a2092651.jpg

    Imagine @groovy dingo I just want coupled ak74 mags 😔

    1. BeanMama


      I love blue tape for some reason

    2. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      That do be a sexy AK tho

    3. Whitename


      This looks sick as fuck, @Panda where did you find this? I can't make out the name at the bottom very well

    4. Whitename


      Oh, he's one of the artists at Battlestate, and that is 5 years old. Damn, I thought this was an actual DayZ model currently

    5. Panda


      I was just trying to look up a coupled 74 mag and this model from the guy who made the 74 showed up.. But sadly yes this is from 2017, we never get anything cool😪

  4. Panda

    Kase's Designs

    Thanks for the new sig too chief, appreciate it!
  5. Panda

    Kase's Designs

    Thank you for the banner lad, appreciate it gotta hit you up for a sig now too
  6. thanks for the banner babe @Kase

    1. Kase
    2. Pepsi


      I may want one too now 😧

    3. Kase


      Please refer to Kase's Designs @Pepsi (Plugging my thread)

    4. ImKrullix


      Lmao the "foreigner simp" 

    5. BeanMama


      Warms my heart

  7. @Eagles

     Gordon Ramsay Fire GIF by National Geographic Channel'

    watch yourself 👀

    1. Eagles


      Extinguish Season 3 GIF by The Office

  8. Panda

    Encountering an NPC

    He’s lost it ever since he lost his chicken shop... smh
  9. Season 2 Lol GIF by Insecure on HBO

    Imagine @Kase lmaooo

    1. Niller


      Kase = Legend

    2. Kase
  10. Alexei would hold down the PTT "Good day to all of the familiar voices from the Oceláři, Obrana Národa, and Válečný. Nice to hear the Chernarussians coming together again maybe under a different banner this time. I hope that you will all be able to come together to accomplish whatever it is you all plan to do, now that that the harsh Chernarussian winter is almost over." He'd pause for a moment "Miroslav... It's good to hear from you again... You'll have to tell me all about your stories and travels with the other bratrs from Central Kopec. I have a lot to ask about your travels and fighting... Hope to see you once the winter passes. Bezpečný návrat." (safe travels) (chenge is coming) "Změny přicházejí it seems.... Slava Chernarus." Alexei would release the PTT
  11. Congrats moderator dingle, good luck on the moderating

    1. Dingle


      Thanking you community member Panda. Have fun communitying ❤️

  12. Alexei's voice would come over the radio "Nemáš zač. Glad I could help." Alexei would release the PTT
  13. Panda

    Memories 😢

    1. Kase


      When times were good

  14. ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif.f66d08fba1a49f444337268cc53deead.gif



    1. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      Happy Robert Redford GIF

    2. ImKrullix


      Season 4 Wow GIF by The Office

    3. Niller



    4. ImFrosty



    5. KermieSB


      damn thats clean af

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