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"o7 lads, you will all be missed"

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  1. Alexei would hear then message then pick up his radio and push the PTT Of course the ball is in our court debil. I dont know if you have noticed but the groups were unified and no one needs you here. Fuck... You dont even have a country anymore. I might have thought about offering scientific services on behalf of SPERO but that was before you started taking innocent people.. People such as one of my good friends and my son, hostage. There really is nothing I want to say to you or your people, myself and the people of SPERO will never work with Chedaki scum. Dobrey den. He'd
  2. I think being supportive of new groups that appear on the server instead of lowkey flaimebaiting them would be the best route to go. It may have been better to word it slightly different. All in all their RP has been 10/10 from what I have seen already. Let their RP and storylines speak for themselves rather than some random ass words that no one really cares about at the end of the day. Good luck lads, I know yall will kill it.
  3. Had some fun RP today with @ImKrullix,@UniiLR,@MaybeleleLR,@groovy dingo, @The Preacher and whoever else was there in the city today! Much love
  4. credit @Murdoc for the graphic idea once again Inspired by @UniiLR just for fun kinda scuffed, but was fun to make
  5. Much love to all the members and people who I have interacted with throughout SPERO
    1. SynO


  6. POG group. Definitely a group I was excited to see come back and stayed excited to see and have around all the way until the end. Much love to you all.
  7. HELLOO, didnt notice that you got GM so i may be a little late but congrats on the purple!!

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      Thank you Pandaaa! 😄

      Panda Hammock GIF

  8. Panda

    To the CLF

    Alexei would push the PTT, laughing slightly before beginning to speak "Mr. Stepánov... I would have hoped that you did a little more research into figuring out who these people were that deserted you before you decide to accuse them of things. "They seem to have mental issues?" I mean you're not entirely wrong they can be the biggest fucking monkeys I've ever known, but that's why they're family to me. Roman and Oleg have fought alongside me in other groups in the past and Shelbi is my sister... Obviously your own people barely keep you up to date. I mean kurva, honestly, I've never seen
  9. Thousands of years of war and killing have fueled the world we live in today. The reason for a lot of it, religion. Religion has always been a reason for war. The crusades, to the Nigerian Civil War, all the way to the US settling in America to separate itself from British ruling. My idea is better than yours, and in the Middle East it is no different. The world to come was to unfold in a bloody religious war. Bombings, killing of innocents from all sides, with both sides believing they are in the right. Both with the promise of heaven in the afterlife. Saeed is here to help change that. Saeed
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      o7 @Murdoc

  11. how could i forget Im going to miss you
  12. Dekuji for the RP's today @MaybeleleLR @groovy dingo @The Preacher @UniiLR @SynO @Dank Ninja @Konohamaru
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