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  1. Lovin the new graphics boss Looks even better IMO.
  2. If it seems confusing i will be willing to talk in discord or TS just to clarify, thanks.
  3. IT WAS THE SECOND THING WE BROKE INTO. youre starting to upset me because i described everything we did. First, the piano house. second, the metal shack. Third, the store. Then after that, the shack again on S2. How many times do i have to explain that we didnt ghost in. We didnt do anything wrong.
  4. There were crates on S2 i believe, and if there wernt we didnt ghost in, you literally have ZERO evidence of us ghosting in, i will explain this play by play... We got to kab, broke the wall of the piano building, then we broke the wall to the shed, after breaking the shed wall we realized we couldnt get in due to there being barbed wire. Bounty then went and ran to Lapotino or however its spelled because we saw crates on the top floor of the red building with pliers in the crates in that building as stated above, as he was doing this i broke into the shop because i saw a crate in there, after that he came and broke the barbed wire down and we got into the shed without breaking any rules. After that there was no logging into s2 inside of the shed because we knew we could get reported for that so we waited outside then broke in again from the outside and realized there was little to nothing in it, after that we checked the rest of the town in S2 and saw no one and we went up into the piano house to see if anything was stored, after seeing nothing my game froze and i decided to get off for the night. So as you can clearly see, there was no ghosting involved so your accusations against us are false, im sorry we broke in the correct way and that youre a little upset about it. If we ghosted in, then what would be the point of destroying the walls and barbed wire on S2 again, it literally makes no sense.
  5. You have crates on S2 and seeing as you have crates on S2 and hop back and forth between those to store loot i dont see any type of wrong doing on our part. We didnt swap servers to break the shed as i have been saying i believe.
  6. Yes so everything we did was "legal" by the rule standards, im sorry for other people doing the whole ghosting thing but we were able to break in correctly due to there being no one in the town.
  7. There was a "repairman" in the city we didnt catch his name but he must be the reason that it looked like there was no forced entry.
  8. I arrived in kab and noticed no one was there and decided to do some raiding, i didnt believe it was against any right i had to be able to break down their defences and see what i could find, the only thing i took was a drum mag so nothing else wouldve been taken. I didnt ghost in anyway into the base. Another thing i didnt glitch in, i completely broke things down and all of that so his combo lock missing and what not i have no idea. I only broke the bottom part of the walls.
  9. My favorite rapper has to be included.
  10. Understandable i guess, everyone was on edge, im over it at this point. This can be closed.
  11. just quick question then, if you saw me waving my arms what was the point of shooting me when I pose no threat and am clearly trying to signal you
  12. it’s fine this case can be closed we talked it out.
  13. Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:38 1/11/2019 Your in game name: John Christofi Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Not Sure, Big group of people leaving the town Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Detailed description of the events: I logged in on the top floor of the apartment buildings as i always log out there and when i went to go leave the room the outer door was locked and i did not have a lock-pick so i could not leave. After about 10 minutes of going through different radio frequencies with no response, i decided to shoot my gun in the air hoping someone would be curious enough to come check out what was going on, thats when i saw the group of people running up the road so i started to wave my arms in the air to show i needed help, thats when i took a bullet to the chest and went and bandaged up behind the wall, even after that i thought it was just a misunderstanding so i went and put my hands up and walked to the window so they know i meant no harm and thats when one of them shot me again killing me.
  14. John and his brother were started on a tour of eastern Europe as a Christmas present from their parents. They were in a private aircraft heading to a small airfield because the country side of their landing area was too rough for a big plane. On their way in the plane started to experience technical difficulties and a storm had just blown in causing them to lose track of where they were due to the turbulence and extreme fog that the storm was causing. There plane started to nose dive and the pilot had tried his best to level the plane before the inevitable happened. Their plane had landed on the shore of an unknown land and in the wreckage John found the pilot dead but could not find his brother. John went searching for his brother before finally finding him standing over some random dead man. John called out to his brother until his brother turned aound and the person that John saw, did not seem like his brother anymore. John pleaded for his brother to stop coming toward him telling him that he could help him but it was too late. His brother had gotten too close and tried to attack John so John had to end it with the pipe he saw laying on the floor. John called out for help but it seemed as if he was the only one alive, John decided he wasn't going to end up as his brother did and starting to loot up in the new God-forsaken wasteland.