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  1. KingJeff

    Life is Feudal server is open

    Hmm will consider getting the game, is it any good?
  2. KingJeff

    Updated Punishments

    Thank you for the updated punishment for hostage taking!
  3. KingJeff

    100,000th user on DayZRP

    Holy crap how awesome!
  4. See you next time man and goodluck with yar exam
  5. This is a great community so you can definitely expect experience like this or better So just stay tune and get ready
  6. Welcome to the community dear boy
  7. Hey nice to see another young DayRP player here, i'm new too and i like your idea of playing as a hero and some time play as a bandit. Hopefully we get to meet each other in the game
  8. Welcome to the community me lady!
  9. Welcome to Dayz RP nice man, hope you enjoy your days here
  10. Bad Cannibals that is, However there are those such as I who are more polite and mannered when it comes to the preparation of that of most divine meals good sir, How do you cook your divine meals, young lad?
  11. Enjoy your time on the server dear friend, and also watch out for the cannibals!