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  1. Heh, what i didn't see clearly was that it says if you are already whitelisted you have to finish it by september, and we're obviously into October. I didn't realize that before you posted however! I should be all set now, thanks.
  2. I read the post located http://www.dayzrp.com/t-New-whitelist-system-now-live in regards to re-whitelisting, and filled out the first part of the information. I logged in with steam, I confirmed my age and my passphrase.. do I need to answer all of the question and all of that game, seems like from the post I should not have too. If I do, I will. Thanks in advance.
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    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Ready for this, let's do it.
  4. I am here to identify myself as the pink armband guy. A detailed version in my point of view of the encounter and the events leading up to it is being written and will be supplied on request.
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    DayZRP server changes

    Let's gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song... Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G >_>
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    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

    Ezra Wolf
  7. Welcome!!! Though I'm the only Big Bad Wolf around these parts
  8. -=Allowing himself to listen to her message he took down the necessary notes, it was unlikely that he would run into Joffery himself but he knew he would run into the others who would be able to give the message to him if someone else had not been listening to give the message to him themselves. He would not reply, he would only do as the girl had asked, her voice familiar he had heard it before back at the place that was referred to as the resort, as of now her name did now surface in his mind; the message was specific enough though she did not give her name that there would be no real need for it.=-
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    Stary Sobor, All channels (EU1)

    -=Looking into the town he let's himself bring his arm up once again, this time he speaks more clearly into the radio. "Dr Jack Fisher, Hazmat Corporation would like to confirm your removal from the designated level 3 zone. It has been over twenty four hours since my formal request. Please respond within the next twenty four hours to confirm that you have left this zone. If we do not hear from you that you have removed yourself within this time frame you will be schedule for immunization and your equipment will for forfeit. Big Bad Wolf; Out." Letting the radio fall back away he switches channels once more=-
  10. HZMT_Bigbadwolf

    Stary Sobor, All channels (EU1)

    -=The raido cuts in and out and as he does he sits listening to it, the pink armband was now being used to hold his radio up and on his arm so that he could hear the general chatter of the residence that had left behind to the Quarantine. At the top of the castle you could pick up more then you could in one of the valley's between the trees and as he looked out now in the direction of Stary Sobor he grinned to himself. Crazies, he had thought to himself anyone who came here to help should have been considered crazies; bring his arm to his hand he chimed in. "Hello Good Dr. This is Big Bad Wolf of the North American Division of Hazmat Corporation. The area you are in has been designated a Bio Safety Level 3 area, You are requested to move your facility west, north, or south immediately. If you do not comply within forty eight hours. You will deemed Bio-Hazard Level 3 and will be scheduled for immunization. Hazmat Coporation Out." Moving his arm and radio back down he began to change frequencies to inform the other members of his group=-
  11. This was my reference, I understand the invite only part I was just looking for the application mentioned in this reply.
  12. Is there a link to the application, I thought I had seen one before the edit but now I can't seem to find it.
  13. Oh I can be ur very fun gril gamer. U lyke Blonde or Brunette? Lets make a fun time okay?