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  1. Veteran combat medic recently stationed in Chernarus. Trained by the US military and sent to Chernarus to attempt in assisting with brining law and order back and wiping out the infected. During the fighting and chaos in Chernarus he lost his wife and child, after they were caught outside scavenging for food by a large group of infected. After losing his wife and daughter he thought it was time to leave the military and try to find a new future. He headed west in attempts at finding a place he could make a home and hopefully help a few lost survivors along the way. During his long journey west he lost his standard issued gear and most of his provisions and found himself in the position of needing to rebuild his own personal "food bank", potentially find some better clothing and maybe a couple of weapons before he would be ready to begin helping others in the cruel unforgiving state the world currently finds itself in. With nothing but his positive attitude, medical/military knowledge, and unrelenting desire to protect the best parts of whatever is left of humanity he found himself in Nyheim.
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