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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm curious to know and maybe some other people are as well. Is character customization going to be in the game at some point? And if not is that something that can be added with a mod? Like being able to edit hair, beards, tattoos, scars, Etc? And my next question is probably a little far-fetched but I'm going to ask you anyway. Will there be a way to add groups Pacific Cosmetics into the game? For example arm bands with group logos on them or maybe leather jackets with the group logo on them somewhere like motorcycle clubs and such?
  2. Oh shit nice, I didnt think it was for them
  3. I mean like ones with group logos on them if requested, like the saviors, free territory, etc
  4. shipwreck117

    Make a suggestion thread for the forums

    Like a subsection for this section. similar to group ideas and group archive under the group tab.
  5. Instead of contract killing, try the mercenary route, similar to the Black Rose's and Legacy. Most of the contracts are probs gonna be for a person they want dead anyway.
  6. It's as the title says, how do you guys make your graphics for your group threads and such? More importantly, how do you guys make your fonts? I use paint.net for its simple interface and then if I need something more complex done, I switch to Gimp.
  7. shipwreck117

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Holy shit, gotta say, love the revamp
  8. So I have a question or two about base persistence. My first one is how persistent are bases? When do they get wiped? If they get wiped at the end of the month or so, is there a way, either now or one that can be modded in, to keep them up longer? Obviously making a base is hard work and I am sure people would want them up as long as they can, especially if there is a base for a group that has/is going to be around a while. How long exactly can they stay up without getting wiped?
  9. I know that in the past if you interacted with a barrel then the 'life' of it would be extended. Is that true for bases? If not can we make that happen?
  10. shipwreck117

    Zombie Re-vamp and events suggestion ?

  11. Hey i remember you, welcome back
  12. *Ivan scoffs and picks up his radio* Great, just what we need; another group trying to press its boot on the people. IDs, Permits, what's next, redistribution of property? Midnight visits to your house? If you must tho, keep your beauracratic shit in your territory and leave me out of it. *He releases the PTT*
  13. *Static plays as he turns on his radio* To all my old friends who may still be here, I've come back. Beshnaya Soboka waits to see you again. *A rooster can be heard as he releases the PTT*
  14. shipwreck117

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    O7 lad, you were fun to play with and I'm hurting for your family. RIP dude
  15. What about stuff in vests, pants, coats, etc where you could access while moving and not needing to stand still?
  16. Keep till the end of winter in Europe. More immersive
  17. Poll? I'm all for it
  18. Stay away from kain or Ivan will be upset
  19. shipwreck117

    The Pack

    gang gang, cant wait to remod- i mean 'maintain' The Pack'
  20. From what I have heard, a lot of people are waiting for .63 to come out and then they will be back. I think this topic would be better if revisited after beta. But that is just my opinion.
  21. Ivan heard the broadcast and pushes the button to reply Reznov, yes there is something we need to discuss about a certain situation regarding you and Aaron, which by the way I also dont take too kindly on. If there are issues with you and one of us you talk directly to ME. Understood? Yes I realize that he can be...well, a bit of a pain in the ass to deal and I agree, he is not the most reliable source. We are working on that but if no progress is made [he cuts his eyes to look in Aaron's direction] and he continues to do this shit... then I will take care of him permanently. As far as I'm concerned the issues between youn the camp, and him are most between you guys and not with the rest of us, however like I said. We are working on that. We will see you at the camp. He releases the ptt
  22. It seems like the last week to week and a half that the servers population is down dramatically compared to what it was. Can anybody shed some light as to why it's been down recently compared to before?
  23. Hype?? Will people come back now??
  24. Ivan holds down the PTT "Seems to be the hotspot now ya? Maybe we will see each other there." Releases the PTT