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    Stamina to fix all your needs

    -1 from me. I think that sprint limitations make fights and chasing people more interesting. Not to mention it balances the game when people carry a ton of loot, and I would even argue that it creates more of a need for stashes and bases. My only issue is with how OP the zombies seem to be atm. Slow down the zombies, or make them slower, or become slower after a little run, and 'dull their senses' so you dont have the whole town on you if you agro one.
  2. shipwreck117

    More drugs and paraphernalia

    I agree, Ive been using blood test kits as opium/heroin since they could be used up. plus poppies can pretty much grow anywhere, and if not there are countries near where Chernarus is that could easily be said to have a big supply, like afghanistan and I would imagine that Takistan would have a supply. The thing about coca leaves, from what I've researched, is you cant really grow them except in humid, rainforest type environments. I think I read that they have very specific growing conditions, but if I'm wrong please let me know. Meth would be a cool one to implement. Add a meth lab as a building item and add chemicals that you could use to make meth. Hell we have matches, so theres one. Also I think it would be cool/funny to have labs blow up if you make them wrong. Just my 2 cents though. Also, an addiciton mechanic would be amazing IMO (my thread link below)
  3. shipwreck117

    Call on The Mountain

    *Ivan Picks up the radio and you hear a Russian voice* Bozhe moi, these are voices I have not heard in a while. We just need the pirates back now, right? *He releases the PTT*
  4. shipwreck117

    Halo on pc

  5. shipwreck117

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

  6. shipwreck117

    Cannibalism Disease

    Not to mention you only get kuru if you eat an infected brain
  7. "Heh, best bounty hunter in Chernarus." *Ivan chuckles and releases the ptt*
  8. Yea, I guess I have to deal with it until I can get another one. It's nothing I cant work with, but I wish it could be better. Anyone have any ideas for a fairly inexpensive and reliable headset then?
  9. Nice run in with @Dr. Morgan Riggs, @Avery, and @enjtheartist89 at the Ravens Nest. Packed full of confusion, adrenaline, and victory....and for some defeat. 4/7 would RP with again
  10. Yea, nothing shows up. maybe its a broken dongle
  11. Yep. Idk why the dongle isnt working
  12. I downloaded G hub and it doesnt recognize that I have it plugged in. Ive tried plugging it into the soundcard as well as the usb dongle
  13. *Ivan speaks into the radio* Hehehe you're not wrong, but it takes a strong man to even match her level. Believe me, her and I go back a while.
  14. i downloaded the firmware update and the gaming software, and it wont even open. Its in the control panel and task manager as 'logitech gaming framework' but it is not actually opening up. no error messages or anything either. As for the firmware update, I download it and then it says to connect the device. Ive tried plugging it in the sound card and then in the USB ports via the adapters. Nothing
  15. It's not showing up as either under the control panel or task manager. I have it plugged into the soundcard atm and it works, but I have to boost my volume on discord, shadow play, etc
  16. Ok, so I have a Logitech g430 and I'm having mic issues. My mic is quiet and i tried to download the Logitech software, but it doesn't recognize my mic, even when i plug i the USb adapter. Anyone know how to fix/properly set up this mic?
  17. Realistically, kuru is only acquired through eating the brain of a human who has the Prion. I like the fact that you can get kuru by eating human meat, but I think maybe the chances of getting it should be drastically lowered. You can safely eat human meat and not get kuru, but maybe modify the mechanic a bit?
  18. I think there is a mod that allows it tho
  19. Ok so fairly simple question. Should we add back the option to move and tab into our inventory? Some reasons against this may be things like immersion and balance and what-not. Yea you may not be able to reach into your back pack while running or walking, but surely you can reach into your pockets and vest right? Your in a fight and you need to reload. Why shouldn't you be able to tab while running and reach into your vest? What if you are being chased by our not-so-balanced super zombies and you need to reload or even drop your backpack so you can run faster? I personally would like the option to do this so that I could organize my inventory while making long treks after a loot run. What are the opinions of the community?
  20. *Ivan chuckles then presses the PTT* Might want to try somewhere else tovarisch, shes more woman than you can handle. Plus she's with me
  21. Little do they know theres a new virus going around South Zagoria. It's called the 'coughing glitch'. Naw but I'm pretty sure it's a glitch, like people have said. I got sick from drinking from a lake and antibiotics cleared it up like that
  22. *Ivan pushes the PTT* You mean the mexican chicana, da?
  23. 9 mil is the only one really that I find is hard to....well find.
  24. Actually a navy seals skill book
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