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  1. Can we also bring back Balota Tents???? I miss it so much!
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: It was. I broke a rule and I deserved to have been punished for it Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have been very grateful to be back and apart of this community again, I almost forgot how fun it is/was. Since my amnesty acceptance 3 months ago, I have been as active in the community as I could be, given my IRL circumstances. When I have been active on the forums, I have tried to be fun, light hearted, and productive to any post or topic being discussed. When I have been active in the server, I have tried my best to give the best roleplay that I could give. I've been around a lot of the RP hubs and even joined a group that helps to provide good roleplay. I've never been disrespectful on the forum's, and I have never blatantly broken any IG rules, let alone been directly prosecuted in a report, to my knowledge. I clearly broke a rule that, and one that is very direct and explicit and I feel that I have learned from my mistake. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal from Final Warning What could you have done better?: I should have respected the community rules and not advertised another server through the PM's. If anything, I should have taken it off of DayZRP and onto a third party elsewhere.
  3. Ivans POV: My allies and I were headed up north towards Tisy town/summer camp when I hear over TS that there were 3 people up the road towards a barn. They recognize them as vatos/mexicans/24th/who ever you wanna call them and we set up to initiate. Them behind hay bales and me on the other side of the road behind a tree that blocked most of my view. I knew which direction they were in but did not have eyes and i didnt wanna cross the road for risk of being seen. So I wait for them to drop the fat yeet and then would go from there. After moody drops the yeet addressing them 3, I could see a figure or 2 through my tree start running away, i think with guns out. After I heard they weren't complying I start to set up for shots and a firefight ensues. After the initiation, we fired and were fired upon, thus giving me kill rights. I, however, did not fire and hit the enemy until after I was hit several times by what I assumed to be the enemy. I can be heard several times beginning at 20 seconds on moody's video exclaiming that I have been shot, yet I do not see me being hit in any logs. Maybe it was my own people hitting me and that's why the hit logs weren't posted? I'm not sure but I know for a fact I was hit and then shot the enemy after I was.
  4. How about remove burying dry bags and keep the ability to bury chests? Chests are rare enough (if not then make them rare) and heavy enough to where if you find one and actually get it to the spot you want, the hassle will worth the reward of having a virtually un-findable(???) Stash. Actually, guys, we are looking at this the wrong way! Instead of burying them, we look to higher places! Rope + dry bag + tree and we can have tree stashes! Hide your florescent yellow dry bags in the trees! (As memey as this sounds, I think it would actually be cool)
  5. As far as I know, tents and barrels have the same life cycle stashes used to have (45 days right?) If not please correct me. With that said, why not stash your items in a barrel instead of a buried stash? Longer life cycle and same result. I dont see why theres a need to increase the timer if the same result can be achieved with a barrel.
  6. I blame it on my freshness haha now it would be different
  7. Naw that was Leeway and my white name self shot you in the leg and bolted lol
  8. When youve lost blood, your body makes more blood to regen the blood that youve lost, which would also regen your health per say. Maybe make blood bags actually regen health and blood faster but to make it the only option is a no for me. What about also making saline regen you when youre dehydrated? Thats the point of them irl so why not here?
  9. -1 from me. I think that sprint limitations make fights and chasing people more interesting. Not to mention it balances the game when people carry a ton of loot, and I would even argue that it creates more of a need for stashes and bases. My only issue is with how OP the zombies seem to be atm. Slow down the zombies, or make them slower, or become slower after a little run, and 'dull their senses' so you dont have the whole town on you if you agro one.
  10. I agree, Ive been using blood test kits as opium/heroin since they could be used up. plus poppies can pretty much grow anywhere, and if not there are countries near where Chernarus is that could easily be said to have a big supply, like afghanistan and I would imagine that Takistan would have a supply. The thing about coca leaves, from what I've researched, is you cant really grow them except in humid, rainforest type environments. I think I read that they have very specific growing conditions, but if I'm wrong please let me know. Meth would be a cool one to implement. Add a meth lab as a building item and add chemicals that you could use to make meth. Hell we have matches, so theres one. Also I think it would be cool/funny to have labs blow up if you make them wrong. Just my 2 cents though. Also, an addiciton mechanic would be amazing IMO (my thread link below)
  11. *Ivan Picks up the radio and you hear a Russian voice* Bozhe moi, these are voices I have not heard in a while. We just need the pirates back now, right? *He releases the PTT*
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