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  1. Would anyone really play the .62 version if we had the .63 exp server though? Why not invest in two .63 servers? Just a topic for discussion
  2. This was a concern that I had as well. Even if there were 2 servers its almost as if there are 2 different realities...i guess? It would be conflicting and idk how well it would run with the same lore on 2 completely different versions
  3. Ivan says family is defined by how much vodka they give you
  4. So as you may or may not know, with the newest status report for DayZ 0.63 [linked here: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-5-june-2018 ] server owners have the option of switching to the 0.63 experimental branch instead of the stable 0.62 when the 0.63 experimental branch is released Given that the DayZRP server is indeed a private server, the owners have the option to do this, but should they? There are obviously some immediate pro's and con's that I can think of, however the question remains as to whether or not they should. There are fixed bugs in 0.63, more features that could be used as RP elements, fresher looking everything, smoother gameplay, and hell maybe it will bring back a lot of old players etc etc. BUT there is the issue of there being experimental branch bugs that could impact gameplay, whether or not there will be server wipes at the implementation of every update and so on. Hell, or should there be one server thats 0.62 and one that is 0.63?? What are your thoughts?
  5. Ivan was inducted into a Russian crime syndicate from as a young adult with the help of his uncle. This particular organization made most of its wealth from arms trading to countries in civil war, even selling to the [REDACTED] faction during the Chernarussian civil war, 'freedom fighter' organizations in the middle east, and even the IRA in Ireland. Other activities conducted by this group included drug trafficking and human trafficking. Ivan started as nothing more than a thug on the streets that helped provide security for their drug trade. He was a committed member to his new family, and eventually rose through the ranks as an enforcer for larger trades. Eventually his organization shifted from the drug trade to the arms trade, as tensions in the middle east, Africa, and South Zagoria grew and more profit was to be made. Though they lost valued customers with the conclusion of the Chernarussian civil war, they gained a new supplier. This combined with increased activity in the middle east would prove to be very profiting. One unfaithful summer, Ivan was providing security for an arms transfer in South Zagoria when the ourbreak hit, forcing him and the rest of his companions in the country
  6. Euan's parents both died when he was at a young age in a car accident, which sent him into foster care. He was adopted by an English banker where he then moved and grew up in Manchester. He attended University for a couple of years where he then dropped out and started a mechanic garage which mostly acted as a front for less than legal activities. Eventually the police got onto him where he and his accomplices then went to Europe on the run. Eventually they found their way into Chernaurus.
  7. You can solve this thread. My issue is fixed...for now haha
  8. OK, will do, I work during the week so I will try to get you when i can so you can help me again
  9. I have driver booster that automatically updates my drivers, so unless that didnt update it then no. And there shouldnt be any keybinding issues with my game, because it worked before, but i had to recently re install windows and everything because winDOWS UPDATE messed everything UP!!!
  10. Before I get into the question, I would like to link the mouse and the headset that I am using. The headset is the main issue, but the mouse may be related: Mouse: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16826618059 Headset: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=n82e16826104847&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleKWLess&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleKWLess-_-DSAFeed-All-Products-_-headsetsandaccessories-_-NA&ignorebbr&gclid=Cj0KEQjwyZjKBRDu--WG9ayT_ZEBEiQApZBFuCrE9xEc2t_7IJgj02BWM2M1DAi7Lg-8V2Wjl4jJNxgaAgiL8P8HAQ Ok, so heres whats been going on with me headset. Whenever I get on DayZ I have this issue when I use Caps Lock to speak in game; its like my headset 'restarts'. Basically it cuts out and then back in to where I cant hear anything going on in game nor can I speak. When this happens, my mic is also disabled in TS, but I can turn it back on. I have to restart DayZ in order to get it to work again IG. It works fine whenever I am in TS and talking, but for some reason when I am in game, it does this. Sometimes it takes a bit of time talking to do it and sometimes it does it shortly after saying something. I have it plugged into the USB adapter thing that came with the headset into one of the USB ports in the back of my PC, as this is the way it works best. I thought that it had something to do with the USB ports, so I put it in another one and it seems like it is working now, but I put my mouse in the ports that I kept using for the headset, and now my mouse acts funny sometimes. It had issues before similar to the ones I am about to describe, but not at this intensity and frequency. Basically, now my mouse will sometimes freeze up for a few seconds, making my character look at the ground or up in the air for a while before cutting back in and working. It doesn't seem to be a laser issue, but maybe it might be time to get a new mouse? It is in a USB port that I think works but it is still doing this, more so when I am in game. Now, could all of this maybe related to an issue with my USB ports? Maybe drivers? I do not know exactly what the issue is here, but maybe someone else had a similar issue, or may know what is going on? Things I have tried: -Validating game files for DayZ: Worked for headset after plugging it into a new port, but mouse is still acting up -Updating drivers: Drivers already up to date -Plugging into different ports: Results sometimes vary, but I think some ports work better than others. BUT Im not entirely sure halp plz
  11. Any advise for that mod then? Inorder to get it to work?
  12. I downloaded that mod and it appeared to get rid of the message, so thank you Dishes. I ALSO did what Joe recommended and activated a few at a time and load the game up. All was good until I got to one set of mods that i activated. I went back through and I was able to pinpoint the source of the problem. "general of the army" mod for anyone reading this. But as far as I know the issue is solved. Once again thanks for your guy's help! I love this community. Yall are the best and a lot more helpful than anything else. Keep it up!
  13. will try and will let you know. Thanks for youre help
  14. there is indeed a cog The mods are all that i have been using, for the most part, with little to no issue. I did install a few new ones, but i think the issue started when NMM updated. I have updated the drivers before, but I'll do that again and if worse comes to worse ill try un and reinstalling everything
  15. still says the same thing, and i already had that pasted in the document apparently