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  1. Stay away from kain or Ivan will be upset
  2. gang gang, cant wait to remod- i mean 'maintain' The Pack'
  3. shipwreck117

    Platform Switch Discussion

    From what I have heard, a lot of people are waiting for .63 to come out and then they will be back. I think this topic would be better if revisited after beta. But that is just my opinion.
  4. Ivan heard the broadcast and pushes the button to reply Reznov, yes there is something we need to discuss about a certain situation regarding you and Aaron, which by the way I also dont take too kindly on. If there are issues with you and one of us you talk directly to ME. Understood? Yes I realize that he can be...well, a bit of a pain in the ass to deal and I agree, he is not the most reliable source. We are working on that but if no progress is made [he cuts his eyes to look in Aaron's direction] and he continues to do this shit... then I will take care of him permanently. As far as I'm concerned the issues between youn the camp, and him are most between you guys and not with the rest of us, however like I said. We are working on that. We will see you at the camp. He releases the ptt
  5. Hype?? Will people come back now??
  6. Ivan holds down the PTT "Seems to be the hotspot now ya? Maybe we will see each other there." Releases the PTT
  7. Ivan hears the broadcast and chuckles at the mention of the military "If YOU want to roll with US then I'm sure that could be arranged, but we aren't traditional soldiers." Ivan chuckles slightly then releases the button
  8. It seems like the last week to week and a half that the servers population is down dramatically compared to what it was. Can anybody shed some light as to why it's been down recently compared to before?
  9. Remember kids...Rico's Baseball Cap is on backwards @Reckless
  10. Death is a preferable alternative to communism! Good luck guys!
  11. I can see it now! 30 people in Severograd, or wherever the hot spot is. Everyone is talking and doing whatever they do. Que the troll RP-er Runs into town but stays outta site. "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR" Everyone is like Huh? One person shoots then another BAM massive RDM Funny as hell... No, but i like this idea. I think it will cause more hot spots to pop up around as well as add to more dynamic and interesting RP interactions. My hope is to Make Cherno Great Again by actually turning it into a city
  12. I propose we host an underground rap battle... js
  13. But why did I jump ship? To (re)join the pack Dont worry I there's always a spot for you too den mom !
  14. Hey, not my fault if they wanna come to us