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  1. Ok I appreciate all the input because I thought there was something wrong with this but I wasnt sure
  2. so recently I came upon a survivor that I found hand cuffed and I was trying to save him when my spare key wasn't working, like the game was telling me I was already doing something, thus I could un handcuff him. please keep in mind that I was not the one that hand cuffed him but found hi and tried to help. after a few minutes of trying to help the man, his friends came across and presumed I was trying to rob him. but this was not the case. I was branded a liar and a thief. they stole my things and the man I was trying to help even played along and called me a thief instead of a helper, but this was not all. Even after complying with all the things they anted me to do they gave me a choice of either killing myself or being shot by the man that I did not rob?! now what this boils down to is I want to know whether this is just or not to give a person no way out except for death. Because In my position it didn't seem fair and it was rather rp breaking that my character was not given a fair chance at survival. Thank you for reading this and if you could give me an answer it would be greatly appreciated. signed, Doc. Shepard
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    ive read this thing over and over and over and I cant find it, is it in parentheses or something?
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    Hi! Im fairly new here and I wanted to jump straight into it, so I was wondering how I get whitelisted for standalone servers. Oh and I tried to create a character background and wasn't able to find the Passphrase even after 3 hours of reading and need so help. Thank you!