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  1. I am 35yrs old and Lived in Alaska most of my life . hunting and surviving life with my wife Suzy and my 2 kids Lia and Mia both 9yrs old. We lived in my village of Echoi on the small island called Storey Island. But they are all dead and gone now so i carry on with my life and try to live a good life helping people in need .At least until this all came about. Now i just try to live life and survive whatever comes my way.. Would like to find like minded people and start a new world of good and honest people.
  2. Howdy yall , I'm Mr Green Jeans and I am waiting to play on the RP server . I can't wait to meet you all .
  3. Thanks and I will . I Gotta get thru the holidays first , lol
  4. Sounds like it should work 2 me , worth a try anyway .
  5. lol , really liked the video , the pew pew pew was the most .
  6. Hello and glad 2 meet you all , I'm MrGreenJeans and I'm looking forward to play'n some DayZRP with all of you . Anyway see you in game I hope .