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  1. What does the password look like
  2. What is a passphrase
  3. I read it 10 times and i dont know what im looking for i looked up and down so many times
  4. I did take a break i know no one can help me i just need to know what it looks like so i can know what im looking for while im reading its just confusing me because i dont know what it look slike
  5. I cant find the FREAKING passphrase this is so stupid im spending my whole night trying to find it
  6. Why is this so hard to find its stupid i keep reading the whole thing im readin these rules http://www.dayzrp.com/rules-mod i read it all i just wanna play D: i just wanna play the game why is this so hard to do i read the whole thing and i cannot find it
  7. Wtf i cant find anything about it saying passphrase is it like a word a sentance its making my head hurt
  8. I been sitting here for 2 hours trying to find it what kinda of password is it does it point it out does it say pass phrase is here is it a paragrah what is it