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  1. Donny "Antelope" Croft cannot be alone. The situation in chernarus took its toll on the boy. He needs companionship he needs help. Upon seeing the killing of Donny's only family, his father, the stress and trauma took its hold resulting in Donny being a reserved and untrusting individual. More often than not Donny seeks companions that he values for kindness and overall ability to keep him from fearful situations. The nickname was given to him by his father as at a young age Donny adored the animals he saw in the enclosure at the zoo. The more peculiar situation presented from this name is that when Donny becomes distressed he communicates his feelings through uncoherant vocalizations or "whoops". Donny prefers silence and being alone within the trees than urban environments. He has seen the actions of others and the "sick" to understand that the world has become a hostile place