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  1. Are the laughing fits / shakes still in the game? I loved that feature (havent played in a few months)
  2. I appreciate all the feedback guys/girls, I'm just trying to understand some of the ingame mechanics with the regards to the RP that comes with it. I'm glad that there arn't any cannabil KOS groups running around. Thats good to hear, If i was to go this route I would do it in secret and more than likely feed off the dead or bandits.
  3. I'm curious to how this works in DayZRP, I mean its basically a good excuse to kill other players correct? It seems like a interesting path to go down for some dark RP, But If i was I'm unsure how to approach it.. My time in DayzRP has been mainly to myself, Hunting, surviving, and avoiding most contact with other survivors (Just how I like to RP in this type of world) I'm getting to hte point where I want to make my guy literally start falling off the path of sanity and going into a darker role in the world. Becoming a predator more than the prey. Since cannabilism was implemented not to long ago I was curious as to how people RP it in DayzRP?
  4. Thanks Dougie! I will keep that in mind
  5. Hello everyone! New to the community obviously. Just put in my whitelist application a few days ago. Was always considering coming to DayZRP but I never played the DayZ Mod that long enough to join the community, but since now there are standalone servers up which I play frequently.. Made me hope over here in hopes of being able to join a server with role play. I role play on various other game modes such as Arma 3 Life servers. I also been role playing off and on since I was like 12 years old. I'm 24 years old, Married with one kid and a baby on the way. USN Vetaran. Full time dad and student at the moment. Looking into a career in EMS and or Law enforcement. Anywho. Hope to see talk to some of yall soon!