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  1. Peter used to live with his mother Daniella in a small cabin in the woods. Until very recently they lived a secluded life, hunting and growing crops just for the two of them. His mother had started teaching him how to live off the land at a very early age and Peter now held the same knowledge she once had. For as long as Peter can remember, his mother had protected him. From that one time when he was nine and he went through the ice by the lake, and she fearlessly jumped into the freezing water to pull him out. To most recently when they were attacked by the bandits and she sacrificed herself so that Peter could escape. She had always been his guardian angel and Peter believes she still watches over him from "up there". A few hours after the attack of their camp in the woods Peter went back only to find the small cabin completely destroyed and looted. After moving some debris he eventually found the loose floorboard by the western bed they had hidden some basic supplies under. Throwing the sack of supplies over his shoulder, Peter started walking north. His mom had told him something about a bigger community up there and since he no longer had a home, it might be worth checking it out.
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