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  1. Gotcha! I'll make sure to do so in the upcoming videos, thanks
  2. From the short time I have been on this server, I have to say I've had the most fun on here than anywhere else on DayZ. It's an absolute joy to play. So I was inspired by the beauty of the map to create some 'ambience' style videos that would hopefully go along with whatever setting you are in on the map :)) I hope you enjoy!
  3. Urillius' background is a varied and twisted tale. He was born into a small family in Tradesman's Republic. His mother was a busker in town and would street perform for the tourists to make ends meet for the table. His father worked on the harbour fishing for crabs to sell to the high-class restaurants nearby on the island. As Urillius grew older, he resented his father; he would always leave when the times got tough and was a heavy drinker. That was until his father got the call to go work outside Finland with one of the regions most significant commercial fisheries. The only thing is, he left his family all together to pursue this new job. After this, Urillius swore to look after those in a less fortunate situation than him, believing no one should be left to suffer. On his 18th birthday, he gifted all his money to his mother in exchange for permission to serve in the French Legionnaires. He wanted to serve with the French Legionnaires because they were working in Finland at the time, and his best friend at school, Alfie, was going to serve as well. Two years pass into his serving when he makes a close friendship with Army general Mick Stilles. The two come from similar backgrounds; both were searching for something yet could never find it. Until upon one operation, he was tasked with clearing one apartment block with his other war buddies. Into the operation, he several rooms until he gets to the last room on the 5th floor. He opens it, and all seems the usual until he glances back and on the fridge, under a loch ness monster magnet is a photo of his dad..with a strange woman and child he has never met. On the back of the card, it writes. "Hope to see you soon, love Pat." Urillius falls to his knees. "How could that b**tard...". His vision goes fuzzy as his eyes prick with tears. From then on, he will find his father and make him answer for all the pain he caused him. At this time, a voice speaks to him from the doorway. "Je n-" As fast as she spoke, he freaks, removes his pistol from the holster, and shoots this figure. Urillius rubs his eyes and sees before him at the doorway a young girl slumped, holding her chest...her tiny hands try and cover the blood that oozes down her floral blue and white summer dress. Her dolly lays beside, baptised in her blood. His heart falls out of his chest as he rushes over to her... After a few months, he finds himself watching the bubbles in his beer. The news comes on from the army channel that they are sending more people up to Finland to find the virus's origin. His spirit finds a sense of renewal. Could he finally find his father? Is he still alive out there? He hesitates and decides to do something with his life apart from weaving a noose between his hands late at night outside the barracks. Thinking of that little girl night after night. Weeks go by until Urillius finds himself dug in close to the slums outside Nyheim. He is tasked with scouting out for the PLIKT soldiers and their positions. A job that leaves him alone a lot of the time. However, as he begins to conclude his evidence in the field and return to the base station nearby, he sees his comrades have fled the scene. And here he is. Stuck in this wonderland of mystery and sadness...He'll fit right in. While here, he realises his chances of getting home are slim, yet he knows out here is where he'll find his father. He lurks somewhere in this place, and Urillius will stay as long as he finds his father..dead or alive. After that, he will try and escape this place. However, he knows his chances are slim, yet his mother always taught him to keep hope in his heart, for if not, we are but husks. Urillius is allied to anyone with a noble cause. He will always try and help those who are just. Bandits, thieves and scum he holds no compassion for and will avoid them at most costs if able to.
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