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  1. Ethans dad was english and mom finnish and they all lived happily in finland until Ethans father left them and soon after Ethans mom got cancer and due to it she died a year after and Ethan at the age of 16 was sent to Nyheim to live with his grandma because she was his only relative left. Ethan lived there for 6 months until he got a call that his grandma was in the hospital and Ethan started running towards the hospital because it was not far but while he was running he saw some bloody old man eating a child and Ethan dropped his phone and the creature heard him and started running towards him. Ethan froze but some guy shot the creature and Ethan startled and started running away. Ethan got home and started packing up stuff into his backpack. He found a waterbottle, knife and a canned spaghetti. He decided to go to the near shelter to go look for help.
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