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  1. Slava Kiselev a Russian born man that speaks English that worked at his local pub for 23 years before the apocalypse started. He rushed to his home in Kaliningrad for an attempt to save his family, but to only find out there were killed by a group of Russian scientists due to his 4 year old being infected by the virus so as a precaution the Russian Spetnaz shot and killed his family before he could save them. After witnessing the murder of his family he grabbed whatever supplies he could and headed to the tree line for safety fearing that he could be next to be executed.He took his boat and sailed across the open water alone and distressed, not knowing what’s out there. He falls asleep to get some sleep only to wake up to a large crash. Where he ends up on the Nyheim beach. Now without a boat he goes into a nearby town where he sees four people running through the town. Bravely enough he talks to the group. He met up with a group of survivors. Henryk Wozak, Thomas Deweese, Finkle Westwood, Opie Westwood. With his new brothers they share their stories, their past and their plans to survive this wicked world. They encounter everything you can imagine. Animals, walkers, and even other people, with a different mindset on survival. Throughout this journey, Slava develops even worsening alcoholism. The old fellow doesn’t hardly remember his wife, or his kids. The only thing he thinks about every time he wakes up is his next drink. He will do anything he can to get a sip of anything. His new lifelong friends now hold him back as much as they can and remind him of his family by showing him a picture of them to him when he’s losing his mind. As this happens he breaks into tears and goes silent and blank until his alcoholism brings him back. There was a moment where an incident with a hoard of walkers attacked the group. Thoams gets lost in the hoard and the others run into forest, Slava lost, hungry and bleeding from a scratch mark from bush he tripped in running away. Stops the bleeding and attempts to regroup and start again. Worried about his friend Thomas he sneaks back in the city to see he’s not there anymore. Slava, calls in on his radio to get an answer only to find out his radio is broken from his fall. Scared for his own life he panics and craves for a drink. On a new journey in a new city he sets out a way to find an answer to why this mayhem is happening. Slava, Thomas, Opie, and Finkle. The four normal men with lives back home are encountered with every living nightmare you can think of. Only to run into every negative situation that puts their lives more at risk than ever, but still carry on to live their lives as much as they can.
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