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  1. Opie Westwood is a Canadian-born journalist who travels from place to place with his brother Finkle. While exploring Norway Opie and his brother became stranded in Nyhiem. While trying to survive the vicious wasteland Opie and his brother Finkle ran into two fellow survivors Henryk Wozak and Thomas DeWeese. While out gathering food for the group Opie runs into a band of radioactive rats while lacking a weapon he must rely on his wits and his surroundings to defeat the beasts. He uses a nearby branch to crush the rat's skull narrowly escaping the situation he returns to the group empty-handed with a good story to tell. Later in the night, the group is ambushed by a band of armed bandits while being beaten to a pulp all Opie can do is think about his past and all the great memories he and Finkle share. Afterward, the group has nothing else to do except continue surviving night after night gathering food and scraps. Months later the group of 4 decides to head to one of Nyheim's bigger communities looking for a place to settle down sadly when they arrived the town was in ruins. In 2070 on an extra stormy night, the group goes on a very important food run. While Opie and Finkle were perusing an aisle in a supermarket Wozak triggers an active car alarm alerting all the nearby undead. Now with hundreds of zombies surrounding them, the group must split up without having a backup plan to meet up. After escaping, Opie must hope and pray Finkle escapes unscathed. Three months later while looting a local school Opie hears three loud pops. Being the curious person Opie is he quietly sneaks around while trying to get an understanding of the situation. He manages to get a vantage point up on a hill to his amazement it's Finkle fighting off a hoard of zombies. Opie runs into combat to assist his brother, bashing in the skulls of two zombies. After catching his breath he cant help but express his joy of reuniting with his brother. Now reunited they seek revenge on the group of bandits that stole Opie's camera and beat them up.
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