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  1. Finkle Westwood is a Canadian-Born man trying to find himself in the post-apocalyptic world with his younger brother, Opie Westwood. The two brothers were sent away by their parents at a very young age who sacrificed themselves so that they may live. The two would travel Place to place, state to state, country to country in hopes of finding somewhere they could call home. Finkle is a very caring brother towards his younger brother, Opie, who was very naive to the world at hand and always getting the two into trouble. Although this world was a very harsh and unforgiving place, the two brothers would find two people that they could soon call friends.. One day the brothers decided to head to a town that they had spotted days before, where they would be held by gunpoint by a band of banits with two others, Thomas Deweese and Henryk Wozak. The four would be beaten and robbed before they would band together for safety and loot the town for various supplies before a rainstorm set in. A few days pass and the group of 4 are still together and safe. They decide to make haste and leave this town because of the terrible experience they have endured. They walk for days without seeing another city but would stick to the mountains to hunt for food and attempt to make a shelter before being discouraged after anything they tried to do for shelter would fail. Continuing on, the group would find two people walking through the trees and would hold them up (with knives they had crafted with sharp rocks and thick sticks )for their food and weapons, they didn't like the idea of it but had no choice. After leaving the pair the group robbed, They made their way up the road where they would find a seperate region of Norway, where they would decide this would be their turning point. Whilst continuing on a narrow road they had been following, they spotted a sign. "NYHEIM", it read in big bold letters. The group seeing this, broke into a full sprint. In hopes of getting to this new location as fast as they could....
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