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  1. Hi guys, Just thought I'd say hi while I wait to see if I pass the whitelisting! Looking forwarding to playing with you all and learning a thing or two. Thanks!
  2. I recently made an account and am waiting to be white listed. As someome who was looking for a rp commumity like 5 hours ago something that i think would help grow the playerbase would be a more active youtube channel and shameless plugs on something like reddit. It wouldn't affect the quality of players coming in due to the whitelisting process. Youtube would take more time but would let people experience the map and style of community and give them enthusiasm for the long sign up process. The content can then be shared by active members to reddit and other social media when someone asks "what's a good online community" Alternatively, you could do an organised "dayzrp needs you" recruitment drive with a few weekends dedicated to new players joining with some community events. This can be put on the youtube channel which should help get more new players for the next new player weekend. However, I've not even played on this server yet and I have no idea if this has been done before and could be a logistical nightmare.
  3. I was born on the brink of collapse, although I have no memory of this. Only stories from my grand-parents, the governments fighting for the finite resources while the general population sat on their sofa and ate themselves to death. My parents died during the outbreak and my grand-parents (David and Alice) raised me. I grew up in Ander’s Holdfast, a safe space where I have fond memories, my first scraped knee, my first love and heart break. I was my grand-pas apprentice, he taught me to farm and build and I had a simple but good life - relatively untouched by the chaos of the outside world, the holdfast had strong defences and an even stronger sense of spirit, but I needed to make my own life. In '57 I heard talk of a city, Nyheim, a place of hope and I knew it was my destiny to go. In '59 I set off, using my skills along the way to gain food and shelter. I would settle in other settlements and smaller communities in the winter months as I was not a survivalist. I may have a kid or two behind me, but my destiny kept pulling me forward. The year was 1968, Nyheim is on everybody's lips. I was finding it harder and harder to find somewhere to rest in the winter and the closer I got the colder it got too. I knew I had to keep going as their was peace and a safe haven from the infected. I've now killed more than I can count and have the scars to show from it. I am now in the Nyheim area, the year is '71 and although there was talk of unrest, rumours of massacres I chose not to believe. I see the death and destruction before me, a city in ruins and my dreams shattered. I can travel no more, I must find a way to survive here and try to settle this land.
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