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  1. Farmer turned soldier when martial law came into effect in the U.S. It's been a long while since Clive has been back in the states. Mr. Astor really took "keep moving" to heart. A man who is not afraid of tough choices. He made the choice to ditch his family long ago just to keep living and drop dead weight. Won't shy away from cannibalism if it comes to that but it's just a food choice preference thing why he chooses not. He ain't no doctor. He would rather hold one at gun point to patch him up then take the time to learn how to do it himself. Clive is proficient with motor vehicles and the like and often finds himself as the mechanic within a group of survivors. In short, he is not one to be trusted for long term but makes for a powerful ally when in a mutual agreement.
  2. Welden and friends do not deserve any sort of banishment in my opinion. We barely had an interaction. That is my position.
  3. Aha a glitch. Bummer. I am only upset I lost my radio and battery. All of Welden's RP was done very well all the way through my interactions with him. My report and complaint was about insufficient RP required to kill me. I thought I was killed for not complying and combat logging, because my thinking was this was a prank gone wrong. That Welden actually tricked his friends into thinking I was a very bad guy they captured. I had never experienced a crash like this before and was semi tabbed out at the time and I thought I was the only one who d/c so my thinking was they assumed I was combat logging and killed me for not complying.
  4. Server and location: S2 US NW airfield I think Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 09-12-2015, 05:00 Your in game name: Sid Moynihan Names of allies involved: Did not catch his name. He rambles a lot, has Russian accent. He has a crossbow brown vest top green pants. Name of suspect/s: group of 7+ people Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My last memory and the only video I was able to catch of what people looked like and where I am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXznXFUb-yA Detailed description of the events: I meet my "ally", as I described above by random encounter. Never met him before. He is pretty friendly off the bat with a few questions. Says he needs to meet his other friend and I ask if I can follow and he says yes. We meet his other friend. Then they say we need to meet the other friends. Before we get to the friends, my ally says, "wait let's pull a prank", and he quickly hand cuffs me. Already pretty weird RP to handcuff a stranger you just met. But I did not fight and said i'll play along. I'm already handcuffed without my consent, you always play along in those situations. As we head over to the airfield to meet the bigger group that is when I get the kicked msg. After I re-logged, I found myself as a fresh spawn on the beach.
  5. Found my place folding in with the group known as The Faith. It's got to be said that they aren't running on all 4 wheels, and things start to get hot and heavy with a certain Jessica Monroe and a one Kat Miller. http://www.twitch.tv/billysundown/c/6946860
  6. Really happy you find it enjoyable friend. I was trying to explain to my brother who was watching at the time the way things work how he would understand it about DayZRP.com vs regualr DayZ servers. I am terrible at explaining and negotiating. Clearly exemplified here.
  7. Thank you for mourning. Elroy will do better at staying alive and not yelling at people. They wanted to execute me so bad, they finally did it on their 4th attempt. 1. Shot at me to kill as soon as I held the guy up. I should have returned fired and lit that guy up. But at the same time I think they purposefully missed and do not shoot me on sight though so this does not really count as an attempt election. Because they let me live here, I am glad I did not decide to kill the guy in my sights right away. Though I may have died directly after shooting him cause I would be stationary for to long for the buddies to line of the shot. Because maybe they did really mean to kill me right away but because they had been sprinting earlier they could not focus the shots. 2. Very conflicted between playing good guy characters and wanting to kill me. 3. Gave me 10 seconds to run in the opposite direction. Again I'm quite sure they had the power to end me but they let me live here and the whole purpose of this stunt was to force me to run the complete opposite direction of where they wanted to go so we would not meet again. 4. They go out of their way, back tracking all the way to me to follow through and put me down. That blue truck guy makes me laugh out loud in a major way. This whole event was just the absolute funniest thing that has happened to me in DayZ yet. I am very satisfied with what transpired. Comedy Gold.
  8. http://www.twitch.tv/billysundown/c/6941195 And so concludes the life of Billy Illness, in the most pitiful display. //Just had a riot of a time on the s2 server encountering a great number of characters which ultimately lead to another of my character's deaths. I am really satisfied with how it all turned out and the music was spot bing bong right on! If only I could pull out my Makarov, though of course my very first mistake was scaring the guy in the first place yelling commands at em. It is noted, never assume anyone is alone. The entirety of the stream for the parts of the story not included in the highlight are here http://www.twitch.tv/billysundown/b/676729437 FORGOT TO MENTION! Beware of your ears! Turn it low cause I yell into the mic for effect. Also, does anyone know who the other characters in this video are, that I met? I'd love to read up on their backstory.
  9. BillySundown

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    Yeah that is all well and good but look what i said Dont complain that 3rd person vs 1st person is unfair when you yourself decide to play in one or the other. do you feel you're at a disadvantage? then switch nothing is stopping you going back to it after combat is done And il just quote myself again I play it in both I know how it is and actually its probably easier to fight down a hall way in 1st person since then your camera doesn't get stuck in the walls and the ceiling as you're trying to look about/move forward but then again most of the arguments are for 1st person are combat related which is funny given this is an RP server 1. My argument is for making one of the servers we own into a 1st only and a second server we already own, into 3rd choice enabled server. Not whether one "preferred play style" is better than the other. If you want to respond to my input, it should be about wether you agree we should divide the community by play style preference into two servers, or do you have another suggestion for or against the matter I put forth. 2. Don't quote yourself and then rewrite your quote word for word. Even better, read what people have responded to it, and make a new point that reflect their response. When you play on 3rd person servers, I don't think any one plays exclusively in the 3rd person perspective, shooting from the hip essentially. The way everyone plays on 3rd person servers is to switch interchangeably. Staying in first on a 3rd perspective choice server is something no one does. When you want to shoot something, everyone switches, and looks down their scope. Otherwise, you play in 3rd. Only fools play strictly in 1st on choice servers. Duh you do both. EVERYONE DOES. The point I was making with the hallway scenario is the clear different approach people make depending on the server they are on with what options for perspective they can use. Mine and half the communities opinion and choice of play style that we find enjoyable. Something you have no way of changing with any amount of argument, because it is our feelings, is that we like the way combat scenarios play out when players do not have the option to utilize 3rd person perspectives. We rest easy knowing everyone is required to risk their head popping out in order to scan a situation 3. You just stated why you do not weigh the pros and cons of which play style is best for RP. For RP sake, you are the only one who sees what you see on your screen and how you see it. The way you want the story to be read to you is not for someone else to judge and obscure. The only augment that can be put forth for weighing pros and cons in RP is that 3rd can be used for metagaming. The way you chose to RP is your imagination. Yours and yours only. Because at the end of the day this game is DayZ. DayZ is fun for living out the zombie apocalypse fantasy. Video games are fun because you get to perform actions you can't in the real world. Shooting guns is fun because the freedom and power you hold is yours to control. We come here to play on this RP server for all different reasons and preferences. RP is boring without physical actions. In my opinion at least, but I think that is why this particular RP server is lighter on it's rules than most, allowing for firefights to be carried out like most DayZ servers. Pretty free form, who ever is quicker on the trigger wins by skill, not by rolling dice then deciding, "My guy kills your guy dead." Because of the light RP and minimal rules on this server, there is a structure that keeps me from getting gunned downed before I can get a word off to another player like what happens on most servers. Now then. What are your thoughts on 2 servers?
  10. BillySundown

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    [[[My objective in this discussion: Put forth the suggestions to host 2 separate servers. One with 1st person perspective exclusively and host another server with 3rd person perspective as a choice in-game enabled.]]] ^Looking at the pole and all that is said in this thread and every where else, it is not the majority vote to want 1st only. The community is pretty split, but the numbers say more players of this community vote for 3rd. For me, perspective does not hinder my ability to deal with the current chunkiness of the game. The only reasons I ever hop out of first person is to look at how well I dress myself, and to camp around corners and behind walls. This way, I can shoot people in the back as I watch them walk past never giving them a chance of any kind of advantage. Trying to think of a time when clunkiness is better dealt in 3rd and I will say it is easier to jump vault over fences because it is a bit easier to judge your exact distance from it. I still do it in 1st only without complaint or notice of its difficulty because its really not even that hard in the first place. ^Combat is played out entirely different on a 1st only server vs a 3rd choice server. I prefer 1st perspective servers because everyone plays on my level and that is how they prefer to play. You peak your head out around corners with the peak mechanic, listen for footsteps, breathing and someone blasting open a can of pop. You can rest easy knowing no one is in 3rd. I don't like playing in 3rd to deal with combat situations because it dumbs down, and makes the gameplay in the combat scenarios at least, boring. It kills the tense end of the world experience for me. And when on a 3rd choice server you do not have a choice, but to refer to 3rd perspective if you want survive. EXAMPLE of how the combat in servers are different: +Lets say you are in a office building moving down a hallway. At the very far end, you do not know if someone is inside that room. On a 3rd choice server, they are looking right at you. On a 1st only, they need to have been peaking before you got to the hallway to know you are approaching and then need to be listening to your footsteps.+ When I play on 3rd choice servers I run around carelessly killing people directly on sight for their loot. I never scavenge and I spray bullets like they grow on trees because honestly, they do in this game it's so abundant. I make the most of this expendable life using up all the loot I gather in seconds, switching between victims guns between every kill and dressing myself in the their random cloths. I don't play with caution because caution gets you killed in 3rd choice servers. The camper sees you coming from a mile away anyway. The best you can do is move with a ruckus. If you act erratic and unpredictable instead of running in a straight line past their ambush point like they expect, they won't have a clear shot at you. Making zig zags, blasting off random rounds, attracts all kinds of attention your way and that camper might not want to pop out if you are calling the entire neighborhood to your position because then that camper has a shorter time limit to loot your valuables if was able instead to kill you with one quiet bullet. TL;DR: Players who want to play in first person only are incompatible to play with those who like to swap between the two. There needs to be a dedicated server for each radically different play style.
  11. BillySundown

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    What needs to happen is 2 servers to be hosted. One with the option enabled and one without 3rd person perspective entirely. Both sides have valid and unbreakable arguments. 3rd person argument: 1. The majority of the communities preferred play style. 2. People are entitled to opinion and the 3rd preferred opinion is that they feel it is more immersive than 1st. In some ways it is, like having a sense of your surroundings which you do not physically see for yourself is possible. though with scientific reason when comparing the two in a game sense, 1st has a more realistic aim vs 3rd. But immersion is based off imagination and you can't tell others what they see and feel in their own minds. 3. 1st causes ailment for some. Some people just can't handle 1st and as such they are put at a disadvantage. Not as bad as the disadvantage of one choosing to play 1st against someone in 3rd but it is something. 4. Pro Choice. If all the danger was PvE, giving every player the right of choice is the way to go and even if not, freedom of choice is important in all things. 1st person only argument: 1. Metagame. Having 1st only entirely cuts the possibility of metagameing by abusing 3rd in its tracks. 2. The majority prefer having the option of 3rd but not by overwhelming support. There is a great presence that wants 1st only. If the decision to make all servers 1st only and all the pro 3rd choice players in the community were to leave the server for good, the community and server will be able to stand and function without them. There are many other servers out there and no one is forcing you to leave or stay. What I mean to say with this, is that it does not matter who has the majority vote or not considering how even the debate is. The numbers may say by a few more that the community is pro choice but the community is really divided directly in half. 3. On Immersion, again, opinion, imagination and your version of immersion can only ever be your interpretation. But knowing everyone is seeing the world exactly the way you are seeing it, the risk reward factor of gameplay you must utilize not having 3rd that amplifies difficulty in situations. Players are physically tense and act afraid for their lives more visibly in 1st than those in 3rd promoting an overall heightened sense of immersion for the entire player base. 4. Added difficulty for greater reward, story and gameplay wise. DayZ is designed to be unforgiving. Not only is the setting for our role-play purposes, set in a drab and dark world, but the game itself tries its hardest to put players in the apocalypse fantasy by giving value to your existence with permadeath. Add 1st person perspective and you are IN IT, living that fantasy. Added difficulty makes it easy to role-play as if you are scrapping for your survival rather than just pretend. In conclusion. Host one server for 1st person perspective only and host one server allowing for the choice for players to make for themselves based on their play style.
  12. It's my one and only skill in life. Expert designer for 1st attempt whitelist applications. I'm just a one shot one kill bullet conservation kind of guy. Unfortunately I can't help you with your whitelist rejection problems. My one and only skill in life does not permit me to have the skill to teach others how I do it. Also, I am a pretty avid elitist who is happy when I hear people get rejected. It means only the prime elite succeed for me to play along with and the KoS riff raff stays at the gate. I will say this may be one of the most difficult WLapps I have applied for. The rules feel a bit incomplete in some areas and as such, you have to be someone who really understands right from wrong and what it truly means to play fair and interpret them just right. If you can't demonstrate your knowledge in the application, how can you be expected to demonstrate it in game.
  13. BillySundown

    Strangeland Pub

    It's good that you keep it fresh. Gives people direction, objectives and purpose to try and find humanities last stand. The safe zone. That greener pasture. The military outpost accepting survivors. Washington. North. South. Pub at the end of the world. After all, the zombie apocalypse fantasy greatest quality is to live out your zombie plan.
  14. Gotchya. And I done it. Thanks for the hot tips and welcome message.
  15. BillySundown

    Strangeland Pub

    Something tells me Strangeland may have to relocate in the near future... But rest assured, the same amenities and services will be offered no matter where we migrate to. Hope you make it here in one piece. Billy Goose wanders past the borders into Chernarus. "All is lost. Find me a pub and some friends, and all will be right with the world." Where it is now or it's relocation, I don't even have illegal metagame information of strangelands whereabouts of its current standings, so it makes no difference to me. I doubt I will be in one piece by the time I finally stumble upon this bar. Billy Goose will most likely be dead before then, but I appreciate your welcoming warmth.