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  1. Thanks alot for the tips i will do my best haha
  2. awesome man i might very well take u up on that thanks alot
  3. thank you both for the welcome i look forward to seeing you guys around!!
  4. Hi guys and gals!! I am new here and newish to RP in General just said id throw a HEY GUYS out there to everyone if you all have any tips for a newish rp dude pop them below haha
  5. Mickey Flynn is of Irish descendant, His family lived in Ireland or what was left of it up until the 2050s, The Planet was obviously destroyed by the frenzied flu long before Mickey's birth, he didn't know of the wonders that were around before him other than stories he heard. When Mickey was just entering his teens, his mother and father decided to travel northeast along to the coast to Scotland and further up along Norway and Finally to Nyheim where they had heard there was a safe haven, Along there way they came across many different people, not many good people are left out there is one key thing they learnt along there travels, they were held at gunpoint and robbed more than once on there treacherous journey, lucky to have gotten so far along the northern coast of Norway they stumbled across an abandoned camp which was quite hidden, they found some necessary supplies, It encouraged them to keep going to try to reach Nyheim, it took them over a year to reach the promised land, they couldn't believe it, they found it, they found sanctum, they found safety!! or so they thought..... Mickey and his family worked hard in Nyheim, Mickey's father was a farmer in Ireland so only naturally that's where they thought they could help the most, Don't get me wrong though Mickey's father was a great shot as well, he used to go hunting all the time back before the flu and in turn he has passed on his shooting tips and advice to Mickey.. They worked the fields making sure crops were growing all year round they contributed to the food industry hugely in the 60s up until august 7th 2069 that is... we all know what happened on that day and it is a day mickey will never forget.. his parents both got caught in the bombings he has not seen them since, In all likeliness they are dead... In the riots to come after those bombings Some of Mickey's friends who he had made in Nyheim had been taken away, he hasn't seen any of them again. When the uprising happened only a year ago Mickey took this chance he left Nyheim, he hasn't looked back, He looks forward to the day when Nyheim officials are held responsible for all the lives they ended in there grasp for power... For now, he wanders, alone, hoping to someday build a new life for himself and remember his family and fallen friends
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