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  1. Growing up in and around Nyheim, life was tough for Henryk. He'd be subject to rigorous training and chores by the people of his small group of thirteen survivors, those of which included his mother and father as well as two other kids around his age. The loss of both of his parents in a zombie attack was tough for a growing boy such as himself. His group's camp was overrun by the undead in a security breach of one of the walls leaving no chance of escape but he and another child's life was saved by his father lifting them onto a roof so they could survive. The experience was traumatizing to the both of them but they persevered and continued to survive but eventually, they had begun to argue and blame one another for the incident and went separate ways never to see each other again. Henryk started surviving on his own after he developed a more stone-cold approach to social interaction keeping himself very reserved. In the year 2067 at the age of 17, a now more grizzled Henryk meets a group of three other such as himself while getting robbed by a vicious group of bandits. They all after getting beaten for their supplies of course start talking and laughing with each other after which they quickly bond over the fact that they were robbed of all their possessions and become quick friends. The friends spend countless nights drinking their scavenged booze and telling stories of bygone eras as they forge bonds stronger than steel. A couple of months later the four young adults make their way towards Nyheim's bigger communities looking for places they could settle down in and live life easily working and teaching skills they have gained in their travels but to no avail. In 2070 on a particularly stormy night during a supply run for food the group enters a town to loot surrounding houses and grocery stores when one of them sets off a still working alarm of a car and alerts all of the zombies in the town now with hundreds of undead surrounding them they were forced into splitting up and escape with no plan or hopes of rendezvous. With the zombies not far behind Henryk, he was forced to hop a fence not look back and run as far as he could getting away from the bloody meat bags. While being worried about his comrades Henryk would not sit and wait for the situation to fix itself, he set out on a journey to find and reunite with his friends. Encountering many on his journey he'd always ask if anyone has seen his friends and where they were going but without any luck. A few weeks before present-day he gets a lead that one of them might be a day's walk north of his current location. So with hope held high and a will as strong as oak he sets out to find his friends after over a year of being separated.
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