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  1. Silvermate

    S1 - Vybor Mil - BadRP/NoRP/Semi-trolling

    I said what I tought had happened, which was my PoV as asked.
  2. Silvermate

    S1 - Vybor Mil - BadRP/NoRP/Semi-trolling

    Don't know, gave my point of view and opinons on the situation. That's all I know.
  3. Silvermate

    S1 - Vybor Mil - BadRP/NoRP/Semi-trolling

    Again, response wasn't bad, anyone wasn't against it. That's why he kept doing it. Can't be sure tho since I'm not really him.
  4. Silvermate

    S1 - Vybor Mil - BadRP/NoRP/Semi-trolling

    Yeah, the response to all of that seemed kinda "positive", in the way that no one really had a big problem with it OOC. He continued doing it with other people after you left, since the response was quite good.
  5. Silvermate

    S1 - Vybor Mil - BadRP/NoRP/Semi-trolling

    It all started when Alexei met you in front of the barracks. You greeted him, and he greeted you back. Thanks to bad his internet connection tho, his greetings didn't reach you, and any other attempts to make contact by voice failed. He tried to speak to you and it lagged out, causing you not to hear anything. You can even hear the lag in the video posted by OP. So he just used hand commands, which you responded to. As I remember, it went on for a bit. At no point we had a plan to kill anyone/cause any harm. You left, and everything went on like normal. When you came back, Alexei was still using hand commands to communicate with other people in the military base. I can't remember what happened exactly, but Alexei got annoyed and shot in the air a few times. Then went into the barracks. When Alexei decided to lock himself in the barracks by placing a bear trap down in front of him, people got angry. I tried to get him out of there, but as you saw yourself, I didn't manage to do it. Finally when I reached the room he was in, he closed the door behind me. Seconds after we get commands to put our hands up, which I did. It was obvious we were going to get robbed, so Alexei decided to make a run for it, opening the door and then getting shot shortly after. I survived, and things went on from there.
  6. You could have had a gun in your pocket or somehing and I already had my gun pointed at you. Didn't think you would die with Sporter.
  7. You turned straight at me, as your friend was pointing his gun.
  8. Having a gun pointed at your head and "Get down on the ground" being said is a clear sign of something.
  9. Sporter bullet doesn't kill, if shot at the head, even if you don't have a hat on.
  10. Do you have any video evidence of the incident? Sadly, no.
  11. I was running around, the sun was setting. Saw a truck driving towards me, almost ran me over, turned around and stopped in front of me. 2 Guys came out of the truck, one of them had a flare gun. So, I saw the perfect chance to steal the truck from them. 1 non armed, other barely armed guy, should be easy. I raised my Sporter, pointed it towards OP's head. I was about to say "Get down on the ground" and at the same time, the guy who had a flare gun saw me pointing my Sporter at his head. He raised his flaregun, pointed it straight at me, and I panicked. Wasn't going to take any chances, I shot the guy in the head, and went to shoot the flare gun guy. I was sure, from 1 year of experience, that Sporter won't ever kill you in one shot, even to the head. It only passes you out for 30 seconds. After that, the flare gun guy shot at me, then ran. Didn't manage to get him tho. I looked back at the guy on the ground and saw that he was dead. There was nothing I could do at that point anymore. I wasn't going to wait for Flare guy to get back, so I took the truck and drove away.
  12. Silvermate

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    Yes! Having first person camera makes the game much more immersive.