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  1. Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska Abes father taught him well how to survive in the cold climate as well as cut timber for the family lumber yard. when he came of age abe was shipped over seas by his father who was lookingg to expand the company internationally. not speaking a lick of russian abe spent most of his time in the woods cutting lumber and only entered the cities to get to the ports. due to his nature abe did not find out about the outbreak until far after and had no time to prepare for what had to come. with dirt in his nails and grit in his teeth abe will do anything to return home to his father... anything.
  2. i'm going with a no, sure it would stop people from running back to their bodys and stuff but with the game being still in alpha people still die from stupid glitches like getting out of a v3s plus 3 days is way to long it would lower server population and decrease the chance of you finding someone in need of help since the people who just died aren't running around.
  3. Could you imagine walking in a dark forest and reaching the top of a mountain to reach a view of an ominous view of a bright red sky light up by a raging fire or drenching through knee deep water at the bottom of the mountain due to monsoon like rains. What would dayz be like if zombies and other survivors were not the only thing that was trying to kill you but nature itself... fires, floods, and even blizzards would all be amazing obstacle to overcome. The whole point in dayz is to survive but at the moment it is kind of easy to survive, with the surplus of canned food and very few zombies there are just too many fully geared people out there. harsh winters, dry summers, and monsoon like rains would supply an obstacle that these fully geared people cannot fight but have to run. The landscape would change as would the way people acted(in confrontation and physical appeal). I just thought it would add a lot of interesting twists such as, you running away from a fire and towards a horde of zombies(after hordes are released of course) or in the middle of a flood a gunfight rages on and turns nonfatal injuries to very fatal injuries(drowning and infection), or short distances becoming long journeys from snow impeding your movement and perception of where you are. I was just wandering how many people would like to have more challanges thrown at them then just what they have now.
  4. do you think the horde would be able to stop a vehicle from moving with body mass? That would be terrifying...
  5. it would probably wear out really fast from excessive use. hmm would each tool on the multi tool have its own wear indication or just the whole multi tool.
  6. The more diversity the better. so i concur, i would enjoy growing a beard.
  7. maybe have it to where if you get wet from rain or just any body of water it would wash away. or instead of it being wiped away in one rainy period have it deteriorate on your face so it takes a certain amount of exposures to moister to fully remove it.(im talking mostly about mud, but face paint could just have a longer exposure rate then mud does) another way of keeping to many people from having it is make gathering mud something you can only do at lakes since the ocean and streams usually don't have mud but rocks and sand. Then you can add a negative affect of wearing it such as disease since you are putting unsanitary material near your precise parts. then add diversity such as different soil types like the farther inland the darker the mud. I honestly love this subject.
  8. how about an improvised ghillie suit. Maybe not as god of a camouflage but resembles the ground a good amount. the crafting could be extremely easier then an actual ghillie suit. For example it could be any ruined shirt and material that you find in the forest like sticks or even leaves. (Not actual clothing but more like makeup)Then maybe you will also be able to rub dirt, marker, or makeup on your face with the draw back of a slight chance of disease depending on which one you use and its condition when they implement it. being able to hide is another way of fighting just like running away or actually fighting.
  9. Honest Abe

    BadRP NWAF

    if you are talking about the military base just south of nwaf then i have a reasonable explanation for logging out with bad rp. first of all id like to express my confusion as i have not been to nwaf in a while an that is where you say the incident occured, but i have been to the military base just south of nwaf and confronted a group of people who i confronted. during our confrontation we talked about trading gear, but neither of us had what each other needed. Then we talked about groups and they disclosed what group they belonged in. I have no obligation to any groups so i dont have any grudges on any groups atm so i decided to ask them if i could accompany them for a short time, but then my computer decided that my dayz would minimize and not come back up. Or more specifically it would not access the graphic of dayz so when i clicked on the icon it would bring up a box that would just look like my home screen and not allow me to click anything so i alt+tabbed and closed dayz as to not lose anything to a single zombie. So in my defense when my computer acts up like this i can not see where i am or talk. i'm sorry that my problems have inconvenienced your role playing experience but i had no other option but to close my dayz.