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  1. Roman lived with his family cabin in the outskirts of Berlin after the bombs dropped, leaving the radiation zones Romans typical day he was out with his father Gunther who is teaching him and molding him into the man he would become for a very young age come through taught Roman combat hunting and basic survival skills this started at the age of eight or he went out on his daily runs with his father to hunt for food to feed his mother and his sister Who were back home in the shower only lived underpass trying to invade what was left in the world after the outbreak and simply survive living in a small survival camp on the north side of Berlin life was very simple and clean at this point there wasn’t much conflict or action in the immediate area but this did not last for long as resources begin to get scarcer and scarcer minerals we came to pleated water storage became polluted food rations became scarce The need for Roman and his father to catch something bigger and bigger on their hunt every day became more president throughout his later 10 years Roman slowly realized the path and talk emotionally and physically the world was taking on his mother and his father constantly being stressed out of the fear of being raided and killed by bandits this molded Roman psychologically to become a shrewd quiet selfish dangerous man all but reinforced on his 18th birthday in 2059 when news of a great safe haven in the north called Nyheim a place resembling what old civilization used to be Roman has heard stories from his parents on how society used to be so extravagant this made Roman ecstatic and excited to travel to the city in the North little did he know the great and perilous journeys o the city he would have to embark on first having no access to a boat or knowledge of how to properly sail a boat across the Baltic Gunther opted for a land route following the east coast until they get to the city. It wouldn’t be until they reached the old abandoned city of Volgograd which is controlled by a large group of bandits called the Vitali’s they controlled almost 90% of the city at this point quickly Romans family what’s spotted traveling through said territory as they where not please with this the Vitali sniper and son of clan leader Yenotin Kroushkev by the name of Vladimir Kroushkev was challenged and given 4 Bullets to kill each of Romans family including himself hesitantly Vladimir refused his fathers demand only after his father punched him and repeated his demand did he comply Vladimir known for his marksmanship loaded each round into his Mosin simultaneously saying a prayer for the ones who’s life he is about to take. The last memories Roman have of talking to his father where around a fire under a bridge in downtown Volgograd his mother and sister already asleep now him on the cusp of falling asleep he here’s a the crackling of lighting except… there were no clouds on this starry night, as his eyes widened he cam to see his father lay in front of him not even four feet in a pool of blood within seconds he hears another crackle yet no lighting… and as quickly as his sister and mother awoke his mother fell to the ground just like his father before. Suddenly Roman quickly tries to grab his fathers rifle and protect his sister leaping to grab both and running for cover as they find some cover a ultimatum quickly comes into their minds they must continue to run across the Volgograd river north to safety. Within seconds the two are running as fast as they can Roman carrying nothing but his fathers rifle and the clothes on his back as they reach the top of the bridge Roman spots Vladimir finding a new position with a view on the bridge Roman takes aim near the edge of the bridge midway believing he has a shot and *boom* his vision goes black and he goes into a trance almost like a dream, able to hear himself think he asks himself if he’s dead with no answer before shortly waking up on the river bank west on the coast of the Baltic no idea of what happened he attempts to put the pieces together until ultimately coming to a round misfire which spontaneously blew up and knocked him down and out with no idea where his sister is and coming to with what just happened began playing heavy emotional tolls on him until he reminds himself who his family is and where she possibly would be. He remembered his family’s goal the city of Nyheim and if he had any chance of finding his sister it was there…. A land of peace and civilization. The year is now 2071 and after years of roaming the wilderness and areas of Volgograd gathering information and mastering the art of survival Roman has finally found himself within the region of Nyheim. The story Continues....
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