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  1. Gunnar lived a quiet life in Norway with his family consisting of his Mother, Father, And older brother. They had a long standing tradition of being store owners in the family and Gunnar's father owned a small local grocery store. Everyday after school Gunnar would spend his evening at the grocery store talking with the other kind souls that came in for their essentials. When Gunnar hit the 18 he made decisions and choices to gain and own his own gun store. It took a lot of work but Gunnar was determined to live up to the families name of generations of store owners. Completing his dream Gunnar thought he would live his life quietly till the end of his days making a family down the line. It wasn't until Gunnar was 27 when the Infection hit the world causing a mass panic for a vaccine. Learning of this infection and being the pessimist he is he started preparing for the worse. Gunnar had brought his family to his home in hopes of keeping them safe and they were for a time. Years had past and the infection had mutated into some kind of virus causing humans to loose all humanity and turn into beasts of some kind ready to kill to fulfill their bloodlust. Gunnar was out on a supply run for food and other supplies one day when his family was attacked by a band of Mercenaries of some kind and were all killed and sacrificed to the infected. coming home to find the remains of his family and infected still scattered about Gunnar knew he could no longer stay where he was and decided to leave in search of somewhere were he could call home and make a safe haven. Honing his skills along the way Gunnar has become a skilled tracker and hunter in order to keep well fed, He's learned to virtually erase his presence if he doesn't want to be spotted by unwanted attention. Not knowing his journey is just beginning Gunnar fins himself in a new land with potential new foes or friends, Gunnar's just getting started in the journey that awaits him with many hardships, and many new experiences he has yet to see. Being a lone survivor of his family he wants to make them proud and live through this disaster of a world. He knows his best chance of survival is to find a group of people he trusts but that is always easier said then done and knowing this Gunnar is always cautious of other wanderers and wants people he can truly trust to join him in his adventure. Being in new land with nothing to guide him and no knowledge of the current state of the new place he wants to make his best effort to make the Kristoffer name know through the land.
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