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  1. On the 22nd of June, 2050, in the settlement of Saint-Jean on the Isle of Orleans, Quebec, Russell Roy was born to Jean and Chloé Roy, first-generation settlers. After decades of chaos, a firm order had been established on this island; people came and went, bringing with them ideas and tales of old, and a large township ultimately grew out of the ruins of old civilization. Interacting with other settlements, knowledge was shared. Though the ruins of it all, the Roy family thrived off of trade. They commanded their own caravan and traveled through what was once Quebec and along the Saint Lawrence, encountering pockets of civilization. However, when Russell Roy’s younger brother, Anton, was born, the family decided to settle in Russell’s birthplace; the Isle of Orleans. The first few years of Russell’s life were uneventful; the family had settled with the wealth they had amassed and funded the expansion of the settlement. Russell and his only brother Anton grew up antsy; as the second generation of survivors born in the post-apocalypse, society had become monotonous and boring in their eyes, as opposed to the chaos their parents and grandparents had undergone. The two grew up learning through knowledge from traders and nomads who, on occasion, stopped by the Saint-Jean settlement. They learned tales of the old world; of the continents and the people who lived on them. And this utterly intrigued the young Russell. He dreamt of a world beyond the walls. In fact, he strived to escape. He knew from the tales he had heard what he wanted to do with his life. A man by the name of Adam Miller, a well-known member of the security force of the settlement, a man whose eyes were cold from decades of fighting, of running, and of killing, saw potential in the young man and, after being formally introduced by Russell’s parents, offered to mentor him. He taught Russell to fight, to defend himself, to aim and fire without hesitation, to use what he had at his disposal to truly survive in the new world, and by the time Russell had turned 16 in the year 2065, he had become skilled in the use of firearms, he learned to read and write fluently in English, he learned to hunt and scavenge. The invaluable skills and information he acquired during his mentorship under Miller gave him greater understanding of the world, and the expeditions he went on outside of the confined settlement showed him much. Tragedy struck. In the year 2068, a famine hit the Northeast of the North American continent. Many thousands of survivors perished and many more died from disease and water shortages from drought. It doomed the settlement of Saint-Jean, forcing whoever wasn’t infected of plague to flee. During this chaos, Jean and Chloé Côté passed away to the same disease that took over half the population of the settlement. This devastated the young brothers, they felt powerless, helpless. Russell made the executive decision; he and his brother would flee. Not inland, he feared it would be even worse down the Saint Lawrence or Ohio rivers, nor would he go North to the frozen tundra, as bandits and raiders had almost taken over the barren wasteland. He was left with one choice: a new life in a new world. What remained of the security forces of the settlement chose to leave and flee on a large merchant vessel, bringing with them Anton and Russell Côté. The arduous journey left many of the crew starving and ill, but eventually they made landfall in some barren Scottish isle, or so they thought. The reality of the situation was far worse; the vessel’s navigation equipment was subpar, and they had made landfall on the Western coast of Norway. The situation was untenable; food and fuel were at critical levels, and drinkable water was nowhere to be found. The group decided to split up. Miller, Anton, and Russell, and a few others decided to head North, along desolate, destroyed roadways. From the survivors they encountered, they heard of a city far to the north; Nyheim. During a strong winter storm, the group were separated. Russell had to fend for himself, and eventually, he made his way to Nyheim. His story begins now, as he tries, perhaps in vain, to find his mentor and brother.
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