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  1. If your explanation of KoS and NLR was descriptive enough, the example's remained on point and helped strengthen/show your understanding of the rule's of KoS/NLR then you should be good. If you would like you could PM me and I'll can help you improve on your application if it does get rejected or you could pm any community helper/mod/etc. It got excepted, I basically just reworded it in the same format as the rules.
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  3. Man just sent my App... only had 2 examples. Am I screwed?
  4. Zoey4Life

    Strangeland Pub

    It's the player's job to protect it and although sometime it sucks that there's trolls and people only looking to cause trouble, hostile players are a necessary evil. Without conflict there would be nothing to protect, rainbows, unicorn and butterflies don't make for very engaging stories I'm afraid. Light can only shine in the dark. I see. Reality in this matter kinda sucks.
  5. Zoey4Life

    Currency ?

    Personally... I think once trading camps are a concrete location in DayZRP, there should be a currency. I made a topic suggesting etched/carved russian coins as a currency but, like here, no one was in on it. I thought it could work roughly like a casino, you can exchange items for coins at the cage and then use the coins to buy or sell items with vendors.
  6. Just relax. Don't get all tense. It's a game, have fun and don't let it get the better of you.
  7. Zoey4Life

    Strangeland Pub

    Wish there was some way the admins could protect a place like this. Will try and pop in if I ever stumble across it.
  8. Zoey4Life

    [SA] Show us your character!

    You haven't heard have you? 90% of the population is "X special forces". For an RP server... 90% of everyone looks like their non-RP characters.
  9. This doesn't surprise me, need to keep someone there at all times if you post the location on the forums.