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  1. Semih Terzi was born on January 9th on the Black Sea Region of Turkey,Ordu. The only child of a small farmer and a housewife, Semih was introduced into farming and catering very early on in his life. His father was an old TAF NCO by the rank of Ucvs (SSGT) who was dishonourably discharged after inhumane actions against war POW's. His father taught him how to farm and how to landscape for the intention of leaving the family business to him once he was too old to tend to his farm but at the age of 15, Semih was already captivated by the idea of war and war tactics. At 17 he volunteere'd for the disbanded TAF which was formed into FTA and went to the garrison division in Istanbul,Beşiktaş to start his recruit training. After 3 months of sped-up recruit training he was promoted to Private (Er) and started his combat evaluation training in which he was trained as a radio operator (relevant photograph given). Cultivating around 8 months of training and experience he was given the rank of Onbaşı (CPL) in which he was usurped in to the frontlines of Van, battling the old remnant's of PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) he was injured in a uphill ambush around the salt lake of Van. This was where he had a shining NCO by the name of Furkan Batuhan, who had originally graduated from the Border Guard. 3 month's of leveling and doing recon in the Van province, his NCO Furkan Batuhan was killed in a Anti-Personnel mine, which had detonated at his feet, seperating his legs from his upper body and killing him off with shrapnel wounds to the upper abdomen. After the 3 month rotation he was sent back to Amasya, 15. Hava Komutanlığı Karargahı (Air Force Base) for a NCO training because of the shortage after the death of the previous one. Now a NCO, with the rank of Astsb. Çvş. he was given command of a 7 man detachment which was sent to Diyarbakır via heli transport and landed in the battlefield which was known once as ''Hendek'' (Hendek meaning ditch or dug out was a famous battlefield in 2016 after the coup d'etat). Again with another 3 month expedition and surveillance operations, the second battle of ''Hendek'' started where a concentrated attack from the PKK commenced into the City, which made the battles confined into the street's and alleyway's. Firefight's were almost every minute, anywhere and everywhere was a killzone which meant that you weren't safe anywhere. But unlike the first ''Hendek'' the second one also saw an uncomprehendable amount of infected individual's which only slowed the progress down and made the battles into trench warfare. PKK fighter's IED'd the whole city, if you were unlucky to step on any loose brick on rubble, you were dead. Succesfully returning from Diyarbakır, SGT Terzi was assigned on a new mission which included an expedition on Nyheim, Norway. He was transported to the 14. Expedition Group under the command of CPT. Ayrancı, where they head into Nyheim.
  2. Ali Bin-sayed was born in 2032, UAE. The only son of an electrician and a housewife, Ali was born into poverty and continues to live in poverty to this day. Early on Ali's only passion was to read history book's about the Middle East, learning the bitter ancient history of the continent as well as the recent times of suffering it's having. Initially his father wanted to pass the skill of an electrician onto his son but after a fatal accident involving a transformer repair, his father was no more. Since his father's death, Ali had to provide for the only family he had, his mother. Knowing almost no practical skill, Ali had set out to volunteer for any job he could to earn anything that would keep him and his mother alive. Until...until his home got raided by a few qatae tariq's [bandit's] which resulted in his mother fatally wounded and the house completely robbed of every possesion they had. Gazing upon the shocking sight of his robbed home, Ali slowly opened the only door that led to his home, founding an almost empty house and a dead mother. Ali knew this was the way people had to live due to the poverty and homelessnes but he could never understand why it had to involve death, why was his mother slain in a robbery? These question's clouded his judgment, a judgment of a man at his early twenties. Just like every Arab at a young age, the fire of revolting also lit inside Ali which made him choose irrational methods in his actions. He took a Gasoline canister and slowly dosed his only house, striking a match and letting everything burn away. Now he's once again on the ropes of survival, trying to provide for himself and hopefully someone else in the future.
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