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  1. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/537381735153833194/FE7FB935FF408425F7A7B5A2483BB006A3E82E73/ There is a link to a screen shot with the names of people online, I don't know who did it but i was at NW airfield looting and then all of the sudden i see a blood spurt from my chest and i died.
  2. Name: Jean-Luc (Moose) Levesque Age: 22 Height: 6'2 Weight: 200lb Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: NATO Combat Medic Demeanor in Three Words: Resourceful, Caring, Loyal
  3. This was my first time playing DayzRp today (On a fairly full server 40/50 people).I appeared in Elektro and spent some time wandering around.. I was hoping to run into someone and maybe make a friend (or an enemy hehehe) but alas I found no one. When looting I somehow lost my pants which left me with no space to hold anything I found, and I lost my one most treasured possession..... My battery... I found myself a new pair of canvas pants and a pickaxe and decided there were no supplies left so I travelled to staroye. I arrived nearly starving to death when I found salvation, the police station had three cans of peaches! After a feast and still no player contact I decided I would slowly make my way to NW airfield. I walked for some time and in Stary Sobor and got myself a magnum and a radio. I wanted human contact so I spent 15 minutes surfing radio frequencies and reading a copy of the new testament I found, still no contact. Finally I made it to my destination NW airfield. I was cautious, I thought there must be someone here probably bandits, so I got my trusty magnum out to show I meant business. I stuck to some bushes and looked through my binoculars to scout the Airfield and saw nothing. I decided it was safe and looted the whole airfield. I got all the gear I needed including a nice pair of shiny black boots and an SKS. I had accomplished much of what I wanted but still had not met anyone so again I surfed radio frequencies there was nothing. Tomorrow will be a new day and I will find someone, there must be someone in the hell that is Chenarus!
  4. Hi I am a new Dayz Rp player as well, i encountered both of the same problems, i assume just people are in large groups and i travelled from elektro to NW airfield and didnt see a single person. When it comes to loot, the most recent dayz update totally messed up the looting system so there is very little loot around in many places, especially down south i find. If you look hard though there are buildings with HUGE amounts of loot, im talking crazy amounts like one police station i saw had around 65 backpacks inside and right outside. Also another example of the messed up loot spawning is in one very small shack at NW airfield there were 12 Makarovs about 23 pairs of boots, 10 backpacks and a little over 35 sks's. My advice keep your batteries when you spawnk, head north to find loot and if you find a radio, stick that battery in and start looking for used frequencies. Next radio i find im going to look for used frequencies. Good luck out there!
  5. Jean Luc (Moose) Levesque Jean Luc Levesque was the oldest of three boys born in Montreal, Quebec to a poor family. Life was not good for the Levesque family after his father Pierre died of cancer and he was forced in his mid teens to work at a logging camp in northern Quebec to help keep his family afloat. While at the logging camp Jean Luc mastered the art of living off the land and becoming an outdoors man. He learned how to hunt and fish, he learned how to forage berries and apples from trees and bushes, build basic items like a backpack from animal hides and sticks and how to survive in a harsh landscape. He earned his nickname Moose when he was 19. He was out scouting for areas with many large trees for the logging camp with a buddy when they came upon a baby moose. His friend approached it when the mother showed up. She instantly charged the friend and tossed him aside in a rage, and the calf bolted into the brush. Jean Luc ran in between the moose and his friend then, hatchet in hand, went charging towards the moose yelling and screaming. The moose kicked him into a tree knocking him out. He awoke three days later in a hospital with his friend at his side, and learned that after his brave (and very stupid) charge against the moose, it ran off. When he returned everyone was calling him Moose, because of his little encounter and it stuck. A few months after returning to the logging camp from the hospital, Jean Luc wanted a change. He returned to Montreal and decided to join up with the armed forces. Coincidentally, when he was at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Valcartier he ran into one of his buddies from the logging camp who too enlisted, and so his nickname Moose followed him into the armed forces. Jean Luc Levesque was deployed into Chenarus with a NATO mechanized infantry unit to keep the area under control. Thats when the outbreak struck.
  6. Just saying hello to the community!!!