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  1. In memoriam

    He will always be in our hearts
  2. Tanoan Crisis concept

    That may actually make me reinstall arma. Go for it!
  3. PsiSyndicate's new DAYZRP series

    This going to be fun.
  4. Human meat

    Well someone with some experience can definitely tell the difference between meat of different animals, but it would be really difficult. So for the sake of RP no?
  5. Prepare for battle - Agario

    Looks dead to me.
  6. I would take a small hatchet because it is versatile and easy to use.
  7. Desolation Lore

    I like the idea of different lore as well and new possibilities it can provide. So go wild loremasters!
  8. Favourite Town

    Zelenogorsk for sure. I just love to come back there.
  9. Black Desert

    This game dosen't look like my cup of tea, still looks good, at least from what I have seen.
  10. The Wolves Media Thread

    I just love how with few pictures you can show so many feelings and story.
  11. Tell him that there are still people in the world who would care for him. When he would teach me how to make a fire and a makeshift shelter, but honestly he probably would try to hide and stalk me for several hours before even coming near me.
  12. For my favorite community

    Good evening (or morning if you live on the other side of the world). As being a good chap I donated to charity this year at Humble Bundle and got loads of games and addons like skins and premium status. So after keeping few of them to myself (because I'm a greedy bastard as well) and a gifting spray to my close friends I decided to give the rest to you. Don't be naughty and when you use a key tell others about it so I could update the list! (These keys can be activated on steam) Ace of Spades: Battle Builder: AZCH4-J92Q0-A0ILZ (already taken) Tango Fiesta: 36HP4-R2XM4-J9X8V DiscStorm: 3VNT9-DMGZL-39MKT The Weaponographist: GJ89V-4QPZH-D7D54 Awesomenauts: LLDRN-LE4ZM-XPC8H Awesomenauts Honeydew Skolldir Skin: N95T7-EI6Z2-TRR0J Awesomenauts Demon Skolldir Skins: ZTJPZ-C64GL-TPYZH Block N Load — Platinum Pack DLC: B3WL9-G4LLN-VQGP3 and NAK6B-WNN6J-5LDMY (may be already used) Gunpoint: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=WhtGUTaBcTTPvHmH Non-steam products: Elite Dangerous Yogscast Cobra Mk III Paint Job: EQZPG-KQXSG-4VV8O-VGIEQ-38D69 Chronicle: RuneScape Legends — Closed Beta Key: EU02-2STR-WE65 Armored Warfare T-62 Main Battle Tank + Premium Time: HMBBND183KHULULE WildStar — Fateful Fortune Starter Bundle: MU0JIF2IN54F4DYE8DX3 (how to activate https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/215289377 ) I love you people and I hope I meet you all when I start to play again! P.S if you interested from where I got all this games, I donated to this amazing charity https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast , those guys already reached 925'000$ !!! but there is only 38 hours left to dotane so hurry up if you want to donate
  13. Animal predators W.I.P.

    Yes! Just imagine if you run into a pack of wolves at night! That would be something to remember.
  14. Prisoners of Austellus

    This looks really good man!
  15. Keep your head up...

    Well done sir, you managed to do, what many fail to accomplish, to create a good atmosphere of your story.