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  1. Loot whores are 95% of DayZ players, regardless of the server.
  2. I experienced the best RP I've had to date yesterday with the Reapers. It was a great journey.
  3. I hardly ever meet anyone RP'ing as Russians...
  4. I haven't been up north in a bit; did they add animals up there yet? I like the terrain and I actually think it's the best terrain design on the map, but there's really no reason to head up there right now. I'd like to go up and do some hunting, but there haven't been animals. I've noticed a massive increase in chickens running around, so I have a feeling they may have added more animal spawns.
  5. Jackson L


    I met a guy in RP once that was RPing as a Mexican, with an atrociously fake and over the top Mexican accent. When I started speaking to him in Spanish, well, he had no idea what I was saying. His RP was shit. If you can't back it up 100%, don't do it, because there are people from all over the world here and you will run into native speakers.
  6. Jackson L

    Crusade! RP-Wargames!

    You know where my loyalties lie.
  7. And not to mention, a Makarov is much smaller than a full size handgun, like a 1911 or CZ75. I still can't believe the Sporter (Ruger 10/22) doesn't fit in backpacks. It really should take up 7x2 or something. It's really not a large rifle, at all.
  8. I've been wanting to see compartmentalized items for a while. I think items like a police officer's belt would be cool where it contains a holster for a pistol, a slot for handcuffs, slots for pistol mags and perhaps a slot for a baton.
  9. With persistence on, the survival aspect of the game becomes much more real. Food is more scarce forcing you to hunt/fish and overall, having a "base" makes the game much more immersive. Having and maintaining a base also adds more realism.
  10. Almost every time I've been there, the OOC has been terrible. The last time I was there, there were too many people speaking and typing OOC to even bother reporting. Seriously, there were at a minimum of 10 people all OOC just carrying on.
  11. I met a guy yesterday with a pink teddy bear named Susan. It was... weird.
  12. I have one with four mags currently. I've only ever used it in a firefight one time and that was when it was first introduced to the game months ago. Everyone wants it, though. I had four or five trade offers for it yesterday.
  13. I shot a guy four times with an MP-133 at under 20 meters before he died. Sorry, but one 12 gauge shell shooting 00 buck would destroy a human, especially at 20 meters. I refuse to carry that gun again.
  14. Jackson L

    Green Mountain Tower Working ?

    Based on my experiences, there seems to be an issue with voice and radio chat and vehicles. For example, if you have a walkie talkie in your hand and enter into a vehicle while it's transmitting, the voice seems to stay where you got into the vehicle. I experienced this at Green Mountain a few days ago. We could hear the radio transmissions, but there was no radio and the only person that had a radio got into a truck exactly where the voice was the loudest. I also had this same problem where I found a guy and asked him to give me a ride. He was talking in direct chat as he entered the vehicle. When I found a vehicle shortly after, I could hear him still speaking in direct while I was driving alone.