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  1. Severs offline

    I'm not on the forums very often and I searched around but couldn't find anything. Is there a specific reason why all 4 servers are down today?
  2. Severs offline

  3. Any RP tips for a new RP'er?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this whole hardcore rp'ing. I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for making roleplaying more immersive for me and other players. I always seem to get kind of awkward and feel my character is stupid even though I'm not normally an awkward person.
  4. Any RP tips for a new RP'er?

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner! These suggestions are more than enough!
  5. Husky Thread

    For a second I thought you meant where you bludgeoned huskies with a sledgehammer ;_; I hear that's an Olympic sport now
  6. KoS question

    If I see a survivor getting robbed in the distance and neither the robber nor victim are connected to me, am I allowed to kill the robber/bandit due to what he's doing or must I initiate first?
  7. KoS question

    Perfectly so! Thanks for the reply
  8. KoS question

    No. A few months ago, there was a "Good Samaritan" (GS) rule that allowed you to seek justice against bandits IF you were within the actual area of the robbery (IE: You can SEE and HEAR what is going on). However, due to certain rule-bending situations, it has been removed. It is in my understanding that you are required to RE-INITIATE on the robber if you wish to try and be a savior. In my opinion, I feel like this should be a policy to be explored for future rules regarding SA, and there's always room for change or improvement. For now, it's better to be safe than sorry: When in doubt, re-initate. But always remember one thing that should be a universal idea for EVERY RPer in this community: You should NEVER consider "respawning" in your roleplay. You should ALWAYS act as though this is your character's only chance, even if it truly isn't. So the question is: Can you survive the encounter? Awesome reply! Really digging the community so far! And that answers my question perfectly! And believe me! With the scarcity of loot, the last thing I want to do is respawn!
  9. KoS question

    Currently no. Prior to standalone RP, the the Mod version had the 'Good Samaritan' rule that allowed passerby's to help out those being robbed, as long as they could see what was going on. This however is not the case any longer as the rules for Standalone RP are still being worked on and tweaked. So I must just leave it play out without interfering?
  10. KoS question

    So I must initiate and hear what is going down before I can make a move, and even then I must ask the bandit to do as I say. If he doesn't comply I can then kill him?
  11. TS and connection problems

    Hey guys, I'm currently having a huge problem with connection to ts and the servers. I lag a ton and the freezes and I sometimes get kicked. Anybody else experiencing this?
  12. TS and connection problems

    Thanks for all the replies guys but it seemed to have fixed itself!
  13. Radio's & Teamspeak

    Just a quick question. What's the range on radios' and what's the view on using teamspeak when you have a radio in inventory instead of an ingame channel?
  14. And it was awesome! I sat in electro church for awhile after looting and started a fire. Every so often a player would come in and we'd chat, share stories rp and talk about our characters backgrounds and previous life before the apocalypse. It adds so much to the game without you needing to actually do anything. The most fun I'v had in the SA by myself!
  15. Bad News I need Help

    Do you have a machete?
  16. Radio's & Teamspeak

    I do
  17. Radio's & Teamspeak

    Oh so I can just use the teamspeak with my friends while we play?
  18. Whitelist application proof read

    Hey guys, my friend is looking to get whitelisted but was rejected on his first attempt. I offered to post on here the parts that weren't up to scratch. Would you guys mind taking a look?
  19. Whitelist application proof read

    I have just found out that's what was rejected on his last application
  20. Whitelist application proof read

    He just didn't go into enough detail with NLR and KoS in his first application!
  21. First Time on the SA server

    Ah Tim and Eric <3
  22. So I was hanging around with this guy in electro etc etc... We meet 2 other players and they ask us to trade, we go to the fire station and the guy says he's robbing me, put my gun on the floor, I proceed to shoot him quickly in the face. He falls down so I put another in his head. The other guy runs out the door so me and my new found buddy are in the station with our guns ready. The second would be robber runs in and kills my friend so i kill him. Was it ok to just shoot the first guy? Im asking because I really want to play by the rules and not ruin anybody elses experience? P.S sorry for the wall of text
  23. I've only been here for a few days and have clocked only a few hours on the SA servers. I must say this is how I've always imagined the game being played. The roleplay makes every encounter so so interesting and makes me feel some kind of character "Bonds" are forming. Even today I started talking to a guy I met in electro. Long story short he got killed by a bandit as I saw him get shot I genuinely OOC shouted out his name in anguish haha! I've always felt the SA wasn't finished, but now I know that's because I've been missing out on this community. I genuinely feel like its a complete game now! Cheers for letting me be a part of it!