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  1. Well sometimes I RP as a character as who drinks lots of Rasputin and trades fish. Chugging Rasputin in peoples faces and RP'ing as a slightly irritable drunk has worked quite nicely for me and the people around seem to enjoy it soooo.. Don't bring me down, not now man..
  2. Totally agree with the Pulse Checking issue. The times iv'e been there this has been the biggest issue for me. Yes, iv'e experienced people who are there to get into a fire fight (because they know there will be people there with guns at any given time) and yes, iv'e seen a lot of people there with awful RP, no small talk, no evidence of character development and so on, all of which is a HUGE buzzkill. But the most prevalent issue iv'e had there is people just sprinting around, running right up to your face, checking your pulse and then calling you out by name. Like, WTF, all you had to do was ask, it takes 2 seconds and makes your gameplay much more enjoyable and oh by the way, isn't the fucking rule?! When people do that to me, I usually confront them by saying something along the lines of "Can I help you stranger?" or "Do I know you" or if it seems really blatant something like "Get the f*** out of my face" or "your breath smells like s***, why don't you take a step back" or maybe "get your godd*** hands off me a**hole". And then of course, they don't get the point and take it personally which i guess is to be sort of expected unless you call them out in OOC. Either way, this has been one of the most irritating things iv'e seen done repetitively in the Green Mountain compound.
  3. Blue

    [SA] Show us your character!

    C'mon guys, are you all RP'ing as military personnel? I think the civilian clothing goes a long way towards creating a more realistic and survivor-esque look.
  4. That was amazing. #rekdforBRconnection