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    Totally fucked up!

    you know the story's gonna be interesting when the title says "totally fucked up"
  2. **The static is replaced with a sturdy voice** "How's it going, friend. Believe it or not, I was recently in a similar situation. Are you there now? If so, it'd take me about 6 minutes to get there. You think you can stay alive long enough? All I ask for are some matches, and maybe an axe. If you have neither, I'll still help. I'm not sure where the hospital is but I can meet you at the hospital. Hope I hear back from you"
  3. I've played on a regular server for a while, before I found RP. I;ve been killed on sight once,but strangely enough, I've also been mugged (instead of killed) an equal amount of time. I felt more thankful for those times when folks decide to let me live in a regular server because Iknow they are doing it on their on regard. They aren't required to initiate, and they aren't require to let you live. In the very beginning (before I started playing) I heard KOSing happens a lot, but I can definitely see the change in people going from doing that to actually robbing someone. Don't get me wrong, you'd probably get sniped a few times, but the amount of overall KOS is getting lower and lower every time the game progresses into a whole game.
  4. *The static is replaced with a clear and crisp voice from a man. You can tell that he's obviously in some kind of pain* *Cough Cough* If anyone can hear me, please respond. Long story sh- *cough cough*... Long story short, I ate some animal guts and am now pretty seriously sick. My specific location is at the Novo hospital. I have no grade A weapons, but as a hunter, I have a good amount of items that will be useful in survival, and hunting. I can trade, if that's what it takes to ensure my life. *You hear heavy breathing, and what you think might be a muffled Sob. The sob, is quickly replaced with the mans voice* I don't want to die. I will stay put at the hospital, since moving too much seems to worsen my situation. I don't like begging, but..... Please. If you can help me, it'd be much appreciated, and it won't go unrewarded. *static*
  5. lilfrankster101

    What is the scariest thing that happend to you in DayZRPSA?

    Hahaha. Mine was similar in the fact that it was a cannibal encounter. Saw this really cool guy who I start chatting with. I give him some food and then we part ways. He starts following me, not even secretly. He was like 4 meters away on open road. Mind you, he's a stranger. After like 2 minutes, he approaches me again asking for more food. I give him a bit more (I'm a hunter). And then I'm on my way again. About 20 seconds pass when I decide to turn around to check if he's following me. Fortunately he wasn't, but what I heard as I was turning around scared the shit out of me: uncontrollable crying, which stops abruptly. Mind you, this happened like right after this guy disappears. My instinct told me to gtfo of there so I gtfo of there!! Never saw that guy again
  6. *you can here chatter from one of the minor station. * *cough cough* "Hey buddy. Sorry to inform yah, but I aint no doctor. But as luck would have it, I did over here your signal. makes me grateful I changed the battery on this thing before this even happened.... "I'm in a bit of pinch...... Shit I forgot your name. I'm in trouble, Doc. Short story VERY short, I fell off the ladder of this boat house I was staying at and I swear this things broken. I've tried to fix it up myself, but nothing seems to work. If you ever get this message, please come help. I'm at this very small town called Berezhki. As a hunter/fisherman, I was attracted by it's simplistic design, but I'm long since ready to get the hell out of here. As you can tell by my speech, I'm in no life threatening danger. There are no zombies around the area. I also have food and water that can last me a few more days, or weeks if I start to ration it out. I also just woke up, so if I'm not dead now, I should be fine for a while. Please hurry, though. If anyone else catches glimpse of this transmission, please come to my aid. I've managed to make a splint somehow, but hands are too shaky, and I can't properly fasten it.
  7. *moments after the abrupt ending, I decide to respond to this lone survivor* "Don't worry pal, you aren't the only one fooling death.... *you can hear muffled laughter... another pause* "looks like I'm not the only American here following the eastern Time zone. Looks like I'm not the only American here, period! I'm not as fortunate as to have secured a watch though. Those are hard to come by.... No, I figured out the conversion through trial and error. *You here a few more mumbles. Seems like I'm talking to myself* Sorry about that, buddy. I some times get carried away in my own mind. I can give you a hand. Give me a time and a place and I'll try to make it over there. We'll follow the eastern time for convenience. From there, I plan on heading North East to a small town. It has all you could ever need: Water, open fields for game, and a place to sleep. Other than a few Zeds, it's paradise. I'll be waiting for your response. And try to keep your chin up, pal. You gotta keep positive, 'less you fancy going crazy. over and out *The voice is replaced with static*
  8. I've never checked the site on my phone. probably just a mistake they forgot to check. I'd say get in touch with an admin, or Rolle (the owner) to fix it
  9. I'm starting to enjoy writing nowadays. In a sense, it's kind of a form of communication. It's sure as hell better than sitting in silence, doing nothing 'sides watching time pass. Right now, I think I'll write about my life before the zombies. Before the worry of bandits, and the rumors of cannibals. before I was "Wulf the hunter". Yeah. I think I'll write about when I was just nicknamed "Wulf". I was 18 at that time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still 18 (going on 19), but back then I didn't feel 10 years older. Nope, life was pretty fun. You see, I was recruited to this group which called themselves "The organization". A silly name, I know, but that's besides the point! It consisted of about 8 people (myself included), which was pretty much an extension of an actual organization. I won't go into details with what the name of the bigger part was, because frankly, it doesn't matter. The group I was in were in charge of the anomalies of the world that would be considered supernatural (And thus, we were called supernatural freelance). I joined the day of my birthday, and from then to the day I went to Chernarus, they were the best days of my life. *yawns a bit and peeks through the window of the abandoned house* I think I'll call it a night. I'll write more when I'm feeling especially talkative. Before I end, I'll explain briefly how I ended up here: I was going to Chernarus by boat to investigate a rumor (which turned out to be true, and worse than we expected). One of our members was already deployed here, so I was to rendezvous with them at a place we were staying. As you can imagine, it was around the same time of the outbreak. Some things went down, and next thing I knew I woke up on shore cold, hungry and confused. I went to the meet up point with a bloody note confirming my suspicion. To be honest though, the walking dead I had to sneak around was proof enough. So that's that. I'll probably dabble a bit more into my old life once I'm re energized. Goodnight.
  10. I gotta say that I laughed so hard in the second death! it was a good story, mate. Tragic, but very good.
  11. Hey guys. I've been here for only over a week ago, and I got to say that this game has easily become one of the best I've ever played. ever. I'm talking about the game itself (Dayz), but more so with this lovely server server (DAYZRP). I've made a really good bud, and had nothing but good experiences (In game and off game.). I'll be transitioning from one way of living to another very soon, so I wan't to hold off on playing games for at least after New years. Even then, I met be a bit involved with the new situation/ environment I'll be in. That being said, I do plan on coming back after everything settles down. It would be fun to come back and see how Dayz itself develops as a game. And since Dayzrp is always on point, it would be fun (multiplied by 10) to see DayzRP's response to it in conjuncture to roleplaying. It's getting me excited just thinking about it. So I'll be back anytime after January (I might be able to pop in and out for a few hours between it all, hopefully). As a present ( but more because I thought it would be fun), I'll go right some stories and lore about my character and what he's been through. Call it my early xmas present to you guys.
  12. Hello folks. My name is Frank, but I go by Wulf as well. I want to document an experience that made my skin crawl. let me specify, it wasn't a terrifying situation, more like a creepy one. If I had to relate it in pain levels, it would be the result of hitting your shin on the table 5 minutes after the fact: A dull, low, but still present pain... I digress. I have just woken up in the town I am now staying at: Svergino. While playing around with my walkie talkie, I see this man about 10-15 meters away. Stranger: "Hey buddy" he starts jogging towards me. I had no idea who this guy was. I put my guards up. After talking for him for a bit, however, I realized he was a good guy. His name is Tyrone. turns out he was now living here as well, and even has a family! well! That was something you don't hear everyday in present day Chernarus. Anyways, I tell him I'm heading towards Novo and ask him if he would like to accompany me. He politely declines stating he's more of a lone traveler. Can't argue with that. As a hunter, I've long since learned to be my own best friend. When did it start, I wonder? I remember being pretty social in the organization I worked/played for, pre-apocalypse. I guess that's what you call human adaptability. We part ways. Just before I leave the town, I decide to fill up on my water. While Novo was no more than 30 minutes away by foot, I decide to be safe than sorry. I don't mess around with my hydration anymore, being as I almost died to it. As a habit, I always turn my head to check if I'm being followed. I was surprised that I was. Guess who. While I was filling up at the house with the pump, Tyrone was watching me, openly, in the middle of the rode. I found this extremely uncomfortable but I'll let it go. I've definitely seen worse, even before Chernarus. After my fill up I head out, passing Tyrone. Frank (me): See ya buddy Tyrone: ....... He uttered no words at all. I decide to just head out. And so I do. More cautious than ever before, and this time with reason, I turn my head (of course I do this secretly). I am shocked that Tyrone is still following me. first time could have been coincidence, but this time?.... We're like this for a while, until I hear a call Tyrone: Hey Frank, wait up a bit. My brain was telling me to do the exact opposite, but my goodwill won. I obeyed his command and turn to my new creepy friend. Frank (me): Yeah man. Whats up? Tyrone: Do you happen to have any food on ya? Me: Actually I do. I went hunting a bit ago. I give him 2 of the cooked meat I was saving for myself. If I'm being honest, though, it wasn't much of a loss. Not only did I have all the tools, and then some, to hunt, fish, and cook; I was already pretty full anyways. He thanks me and we say our goodbyes once again. Turns out he was just hungry. For good measures, I decide to turn around once more, and I was overjoyed to find out I was no longer being followed. Not a man in sight. This is where the situation gets a bit... odd: As I am on the outskirt of Svergino, heading towards Novo I hear.... Crying. I almost freeze in fear. You see, a buddy of mine, Jack, told me of this odd rumor. He said he overheard some people talking of Cannibals. He told me, if I ever heard anyone crying or laughing hysterically and than suddenly stop after a few seconds, I should run like hell. I did not run like hell. I turn my head, and see.... No one. I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad sign. I make it to Novo (jogging), after turning my head back almost throughout the whole trip. I was sure no one was following me. After checking the place for matches and maybe a fishing hook I am really tired. I decide to spend the night here. What? Rumors aren't all always wrong? I also don't plan on being hunted. Not my style. As I dose off in an abandoned house, I remember the lone traveler/father, Tyrone in Svergino. I then remember the hysterical crying that followed soon after he left. The gears started turning in my head as I put 2 and 2 together, but I decide to give it a rest. I tried not to think that someone might be watching me through the window. hungry once more. I retire to bed.
  13. Is this in the US server or EU server?
  14. *static is replaced with grunt, masked voice* Hey buddy! How's it going? I'm a hunter in need of a hunting knife. I would prefer one in good condition, but I understand that these days, good things are hard to come by. So I'll trade with ya for a hunting knife of any condition but ruined. As of now, I have no big guns or ammo on me. No need for that when hunting in the wild. I can make you a bow, give you a ridiculous supply of meat, or fish for yah. Along with that, I can put a few words out about your services to whoever I come by. I hope you're still alive. I'm in Svergino right now, but can travel at any point. I'll be listening for your reply. Later *the transmission is, once again, replaced by static"
  15. //Us Server *turns dial to appropriate frequency* "Ahem! Hello fellow survivors around the Area. I am Local hunter who will be staying around Severograd area for a few days, for game. My dry Bag is becoming a hassle, and I am willing to trade it in for a Hunting bag or bigger. Preferably A hunters bag in account of it's extreme mobility and synergy with my other hunting gear. Included with the Drybag will be a Wolf's Mask, Canteen bottle, and some meat! Anyone who's interested, please respond to this transmission. It would help with my animal game, no pun attended, and I can also keep ya belly full as long as you're in the area. That's all folks. I'll be around the area, so we can meet as soon as you're there." *Slight white noise, followed by a clicking sound. It seems that the transmission is repeating itself* "Ahem!.....