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  1. IGN:Ben Pivotard Age:16 Country:Argentina English skills:Very fluent, slight experience. DayZ Mod Experience: 1.5 yrs (Epoch, Taviana, Overwatch, etc.) DayZ Standalone Experience: Since launch Roleplaying Experience: Since Arma 2 Chernarus Life What kind of In Game role best describes you:Survivor Have you been in any clan/group previously:Not really Additional notes:I can speak spanish. Best way to contact you:Skype/Steam - Benpivot Backstory:Born in Argentina, decided to migrate north, due to the lack of possibilities. Ended up in the mexican-american border, where he was mistaken for a beaner and deported to tijuana. Started living on a coastal town, working as a fisherman until a chinese ship showed up looking for workers. He joined the crew and spent a few months in the ship. When one day while the ship was anchored, they spotted something on the coast, a lot of "things" actually. As it turned out a disease had spread all over asia in the last weeks, the dead were not dead anymore and those who remained were not to be trusted. The crew died to disease and undead, only Ben remained. He decided to move inland, towards the lands of Chernarus, where according to some rumours had a strong military force, that held the dead off their bases.