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  1. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • Simatho

    Yo was that you I ran into RPing a zombie the other day?  Down on the coast wayyyy west by the tents?  I was saying for weeks that having like 10 players in game RPing as zombies would be phenomenally cool


    ill definitely roll around with you guys on an alt some times for some good old zombie / left 4 dead fun once you get it created— when I spawn close to people with the wrong character model I sometimes RP as infected so they will put me down lolol 

    1. GaryCash


      Awesome work though bro seriously 

    2. Simatho


      Thanks man! I'm all about that ZombieRP you know. I did put a lot of time in creating this group so I appreciate the words ❤️ 

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