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  1. Well,

    I've been pretty inactive for the past two weeks for IRL reasons and now I am leaving (once again) for a few months in France for work.

    Good stuff but still bummed out I won't get to further RP with my character and create my hostile group I had been working on for a little while.

    Big shoutout to @Specificity (AKA Crim) for getting me back into RP just in time for the lore wipe.

    Also S/O to the whole U.N (especially the O.G) for providing some of the greatest internal and external RP. You guys rock.


    Hopefully, when I come back 0.63 will be live and this community will keep shining but still have a bit more members. I genuinely we are in a time where RP is at his highest in general and I hope it stays this way.



    1. Crim


      See you soon man, can't wait for the brokers v71! xD

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