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  1. What happened to crawling infected? They were dope

    1. Eagles


      You can still create crawlers on your own it's just kinda difficult to do, I know I've done it on accident a couple of times

    2. Simatho


      Ahhh, good to know. Haven't seen one in forever

  2. 2014er here. FIrst group was called "The Slavers". It was the most whitename group ever, like ever, and yet it was so fun. Earliest memories were being constant victims of the Masquerade and The Crows, good fun. And finally, I played through most of Green Mountain shenanigans. Definitely some of the most chaos in this server...
  3. Found this old gem in my DayzRP videos. If I knew how to edit, this would be a perfect "To be continued" template...


    1. Cowmoo


      I remember you posted this a year or so ago. Poor bastard. Haha!

    2. Whitename


      @Simatho i gotchu bud

    3. Simatho


      No way hahaha 😂 

  4. +1 Crafting rags/opening cans are pretty important to do early game and its frustrating not being able to do such simple tasks that can be the difference between life and death. I mean if I was starving I would just smash the can and eat the spills. Same for rags, could use my hands or a fence or something. Also, as a quick FYI, spawning with knives wont add the ability to quickly kill yourself. You can already do that by selecting the « Knock yourself out » in the emote wheel and then you hit the respawn button.
  5. Robert was born in Toulouse, France where he spent most of his early life with his already rich family. Already at that age, he started developing a passion for the paranormal. As he reached University, he graduated with a bachelor in Archaeology. With that knowledge, he created his small consulting company "Le Cabinet de l'Inconnu", specializing he investigating areas rumored to be haunted. Quickly, his contracts turned out to be less interesting than he thought; he mostly worked with nutjobs thinking they had ghosts in their house when most of the time a plumbing problem was at fault. After a few years, he decided to instead used his family money and start traveling around the world to areas known to have heavy folklore and paranormal activities associated with it. He lead a very interesting life visiting those areas, all the while collecting evidences and writing notes. 1985: Isle of Pemba, Tanzania: The Popobawa 1987: Tokyo, Japan: The Bathroom Girl 1993: Amazonas, Brazil: La pisadeira 1997: Veracruz, Mexico: La Llorona 2001: Hetauda, Nepal: Bhoot 2008: Fort Millin, USA: The Fort's Ghosts 2012: Alaska, USA: The Alaska Triangle 2019: Chernarus, Russia: TBD Indeed, in 2019, while still using his family money and his consulting company: "Le Cabinet de l'Inconnu", he managed to get into the region where he would investigate local mysteries.
  6. Hi Loremasters (or any other staff that wants to answer), I've been wanting to create an interesting character that would use local myths and folklore as a pretty big driving point for his personal agenda/RP. I remember this old thread https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/86408-chernarus-folklore-stories-myths-and-legends-anthology/?tab=comments#comment-1584382, that detailed a lot of "short stories" on local stories and myths. I know its old lore but it is not like it has been impacted by the current new lore. Plus, I'm sure this kind of world details is not a priority right now. Would it be fine to use those stories as cannon in the current lore? Thanks for your answer.
  7. Started DMing my first campaign of DnD yesterday. So far, so good

  8. This needs to happen. will it fuck up the economy? Probably (so I’ve been told) but monthly wipe can help. There is a decision that needs to be taken regarding what is worse. An unbalanced economy or long queues? Long queues are really negative and in the long run I think will discourage people of even wanting to play on the server.
  9. Who is that one person just hanging out on Livonia all the time?

    1. Zanaan


      Found him. 


  10. Try to keep hunting supplies with you. Follow the sound of animals. Elks are pretty easy to hear. Follow the sound and kill/skin them. Cook the food and you'll be good for a while. Make sure to keep the fat. Very nutritive.
  11. Rob was born in Toronto, Canada. He was raised in a poorer neighborhood with his twin brother, Zain. As he attended high school, he started getting involved with the wrong crowds and started doing petty crimes. As he reached adulthood, he started getting involved with an eastern european gang. His crimes started becoming more serious, as his reputation on the street. Eventually, him and his brother started becoming more involved in body removal and crime scene cleanup, for the benefit of the criminals obviously. In 2013, had the height of his criminal endeavors in Toronto, he was caught up in a shooting with a rival gang that ended up in three deaths in broad daylight. Police had clear pictures of him and his twin brother and the only clear solution for him was to leave town immediately. This exile wasn’t enough and soon Rob realized he would have to disappear. Relying on his connections, he headed out on a shipping boat heading to Odessa in Ukraine. His time in Ukraine was short and he spent most of his days being bored and drinking with his brother the locals. At that point, substance abuse, his graphic past and PTSD from the shooting started making Rob a more sad, quiet and gloomy individual. In 2015, his connections with the criminal underworld suggested to him he heads out to Chernarus as there were unstable times and the authority weren’t focused as much on crimes unrelated to political activity. Rob and his brother, Zain, were smuggled in Chernarus via a supply truck of a local farmer. In Chernarus, he resumed in full force his criminal activity, mainly working as a cleaner for bodies and such. Things were well for him, and money was good. He managed to afford a small apartment at the last floor in Novoslky. The frenzy flu did not stop him from continuing his criminal activities. Rob was a socially isolated person and when he was out, he often wore protective gear. He remained healthy. As the virus mutated and infected became more violent, violent deaths throughout South Zagoria became more common and his service became more needed. He even had some contracts that were entirely legal with local businesses. As the local military started struggling with the recent waves of infection, Rob realized this upcoming chaos was the perfect storm for criminals to take over. Even when most people are losing hope in the stability of life as they know it, Rob is focused on trying to adapt as quickly as possible to take advantage of this opportunity for business.
  12. 12 pm on a monday and the server has 60 people in it. Sweet.
    Of course I have so much to do IRL the day or the LW...

  13. I mean I would want it to be earlier because I’m excited but if its not ready then it is what is I guess. I will stay carefully hyped in the meantime
  14. Haven't played that much on this lore, but I definitely have great memories from the beginning of the lore when I was part of the UN lore group. Everyone we were interacting with were so engaged with their characters and the general lore, it was great. More precisely, when we had a settlement in the appartement complex north of Cherno and there was just so much going on.
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