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  1. Sharing it here since I know there are many gamers in this community... 


  2. For what its worth, I was the « french guy » and I obviously was a direct witness to the whole thing. I was walking by when I met Boris. We Rped for a bit until the accused showed up, said a few words and killed him. He initiated on me and told me to leave, which I did. I camr back later with other people to bury the man.
  3. I’m actually such an epic gamer 🤪🤪🥴

  4. I agree that if someone purposefully walled just the water pump, that's a shitty thing to do. If a part of a town, that includes the pump, is walled off, then it probably is used for RP. Also, why are people being overly defensive in this thread lol
  5. Ah! I appreciate someone remembering my character I havent played Jake Brooks for a while, I was playing a french guy called Molière. I wear a white suit (kind of a token). I wasnt there for long as I was let go since they were mote interested in "Jack Valentine". What character did you play back then?
  6. I had a great evening of RP yesterday! Thanks to @Crim, @S.Bradley and @Tayto for being around. Also thanks to Joe. Don't know your forum name, but it was fun you sticked with us and ended up on our little adevnture. Thanks to all the characters I met as well, most notably @Jackfish for spicing things up, @Dusty for our brief encounter (and your death). Your body led to a lot of interesting RP. Also thanks to @NinZazzin and your friend for the brief hostage situation. Seems like you guys haven't played much on the server but your edgy RP was really good and you clearly commited to RP over PvP. FYI, the guy in the field was my buddy, you guys got lucky Anyway, excited for our dynamic group around Rogovo to go somewhere.
  7. Got captured quickly. Was fun to look at but kind of AIDS. Still fun tho.
  8. *Molière would press his PPT* "We are seeking a doctor or some health professional. We have a wounded man that needs care close of Green Mountain. We will pay handsomely" "Molière would close his PPT and go back to Cahir*
  9. *Molière would sit down by small tree overlooking the coast* *You would hear a french accent* " Mr Murdock, if you can catch this radio transmission, I'd like to apologize for putting you in a treacherous situation yesterday. I have realized this area is not safe and decided to leave. Knowing you are a man of precautions, I can suggest you head down to the coastline. Things are... quieter down here." " You don't have to trust me, but we could resume our business transactions and make sure to ensure each others safety. If you wish, you can bring some of the man from yesterday as well since it seems you trust them." "You are a civil man and I can appreciate that" *Molière would put his radio back into his pack and write down a few things in his journal*
  10. People get bored in-game and instead of logging out, they fuck around. It really annoys me, and while roleplaying, it can be hard to "defuse" the situation. Like you said, leading by example, especially groups, is very important to set a high standard of RP
  11. The // rule is seemingly unknown to many people which is crazy to me. Jasper, you seem to have a lot more bad experiences than me. That is probably explained by the fact you do a lot of hostile RP (I think). Perhaps, new players arent prepared enough for hostile interactions. Maybe the whitelist should focus a bit more on that.
  12. Just had a bit of a showerthought... It's nice that this website is by default in dark mode. Could not stand a light version of DayZRP

  13. - Yes, I might have been generalising, you're right. I still believe that such an action doesn't need to be punished. People resist in all kind of ways to an hostile person, and as long as there isn't an initiation, killing someone on sight should never be an option. IMO
  14. Ill repeat what I said the other thread. Its the second time I see "False Report" being thrown around when someone legitimely thought a rulebreak occured. Members are not staff members and don't have the same knowledge they do. Crazy to punish them for that.
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