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  1. ohhh. That's a shame and quite sudden. o7
  2. Real life picture Thread

    Lol, this was suppose to be a dik pik
  3. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Looks great! I'm sure you'll pull this off
  4. Jake Paul is such a savage I love him <3

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      Dab on them haters yo

  5. Alright peeps and squeeks, I feel like writing a wall of text so I'll do just that.

    Here's a little story that happened to me last summer now and I love telling it here and there since it's so full of suspense.

    Lets go.

    At end of my semester in May last year, I had about a full month before I went to work where I had nothing planned so me and two of my friends, Daniel and Lauren, that live in Ottawa, we decided we would go on a little road trip. You know, the classic young adult kinda thing to go coast to coast but this time we only wanted to go as east as you can in Canada.

    I drove to Ottawa and we took two days to plan our expedition. As we where planning budgets, what to bring and places to visit, we decided to give ourselves a few "fun rules" to make the road trip even more enjoyable. For example, one of them was that every time we came across a construction worker on the road, we had to to be super polite with him... 

    We had a few of these rules but the one that is relevant to the story was that every time we saw a hitchhiker, we had to pick him up. No compromise. I personally have hitchhiked countless times as I was working in summer camps in the summer camp so I thought it was our time to give back.  

    So off we went; finished passing through Ontario, went through Quebec and and kept driving towards Newfoundland. At that point, the trip was a blast. Many things happened and it was just the greatest rip. The only thing that was a bit meh is that during his whole time, we never came across an hitchhiker and well at that point, we kinda forgot about that rule.

    Until we got to Newfoundland.

    As we're driving on the highway, we see this young girl (17-18) hitchhiking, and we get all excited about picking up our first hitchhiker. We stop on the side, she gets in and we drive off. Turns out, she wanted to be drop-off by a town 30 minutes from where we were and we were heading through that town as well.

    We chatted with her and she was really rad. Like the type of person that goes surfing on the west coast and then goes tree planting in the North and gets along with everyone. Anyhow, we ended up dropping her off and we drive off this first interaction really happy with ourselves and excited about picking up other hitchhikers.

    Now, about 15 minutes later, I shit you not, as we're driving on the highway, we see another hitchhiker. We get super excited and Daniel, the driver, starts stopping on the side of the road. As we pass the hitchhiker to stop in front of him, we get a better look at him.

    An middle-aged looking dude, HUGE messy grey beard, big raincoat, an even bigger backpack and also a brown paper bag, you know the kind you hide your alcohol inside, that he is holding with both of his arms crossed on his chest.

    You know, the classic hitchhiker look that you see in movies, and well, we definitely had some bad vibes from him.

    At this point in time, he's already slow jogging towards the car so we can't just drive off (And you know, appearance impressions aren't always right). He opens he door, slams his huge backpack in the middle of the back seat, next to Lauren and off we go.

    We start small-talking with him, and even if we had bad vibes from him, he was still responsive in a cohesive manner. He was still pretty cold, giving short answers and not doing much to further the conversation but what was the most odd about him was the fact that even sitting down, he was still holding on that paper bag with his arms tightly crossed on it. It was really weird and we definitely all noticed it but didn't bother commenting.

    After like 15 minutes in, the man is still holding on that paper bag like his life depends on it and so Lauren my friend decides to step in. 

    Just so you know, Lauren is a great girl but she is as some could call her, a shit-disturber. The kinds that enjoys when things don't go right. Anyway, back to the story.

    As the man is talking with me, Lauren pokes the man shoulder and goes:

    "Hey man, just for the sake of it, wha-what is that paperbag"

    The man suddenly stops talking slowly turns towards Lauren with a stoic look on his face and says bluntly: 

    "None of your fucking business"

    My blood goes cold in my veins and I'm just in shock. I can't believe he said that. Now, by some miracle, Daniel manages the extremely awkward vibe by going back to asking questions to the creep with his damn paper bag.

    After 10 minutes, we've managed to go back to a somewhat normal conversation but still have his weirdness at the back of our mind. Of course, that ought a change with Lauren.

    Shes goes back to the bite and says:

    "But I mean come on dude, like what's in that paperbag"

    The man does the exact same thing as before. He goes silent, slowly turns towards Lauren and says :

    "None of your fucking business"

    Daniel and I look at each other and we decide to tell the man to get off our car. We park on the side of what is now a small road and re-state our decision. We tell him that he's being rude, weird and an ass. Now you might think we're mean to leave him on the side of the road like this but at the time, we were too creeped out by him to bother.

    He argues a bit saying he won't be able to find another ride back to home but we stay firm on our decision. He realizes he has no choice but to get out.

    Now, I need you to picture very clearly what happens next.

    The man, for the first time, puts down his brown paper bag at his feet, opens the right door, gets outs, leans inside to grab his huge backpack and as he's leaning out with his backpack, Lauren swiftly leans to the right side and closes the car door while the paper bag is still on the mat of the backseat. She goes:


    Daniel instinctively smashes the gas pedal and off we drive with his paper bag. I look in my right mirror and I can see the man sprinting, like full on running for his life type of thing, after the car but obviously he doesn't catch up.

    We drive off in the distance and never saw the man again.


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      Well.. what was in the bag?!

    2. Simatho

      *Smiles triumphantly*

      None of your fucking business 

  6. Jake Brooks

  7. Jose Del Monto

    I know, that's what's important
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    If it's not the legend himself Jake Brooks

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    2. Simatho

      I like Silent D 

      But yeah, not Jake Brooks ATM but eventually ;)

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      o7 brother, hopefully I'll see you in game.

    4. Simatho

      I'm sure we'll cross path

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    Did you go for a piss in the middle of a firefight?!?

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  8. I feel this guide will be linked many times in the future. good job
  9. Ouch

    I just took a hit

  10. DayZRP Community Memes

    Mod was better
  11. Beans to whoever guess which TV episode my profile is based on because why not

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    3. Skyline

      Love that show, every episode gets me thinking way too much..  That San Junipero one was a good love story. But the one 'Playtest'.. the 2nd season 3 episode had me rly freaked and sad at the endBlack_Mirror_-_Playtest_(Black_Mirror).jpg.3176c71da28d07b67f05b3d88cfeb085.jpg

    4. Simatho

      That's what so great about Black Mirror.

      It's far fetch but it always gets you thinking "what if". Love the show and since I love dancing, the 80's music and time traveling stuff, San Jupinero was by far my favorite. 

      White Christmas is pretty tight as well