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  1. Anyone has some good Tinder tips?

    started and i dont tf Im doing

    1. Samaritan


      Never used it but I'm just you could just YouTube it. Top tips for using Tinder?

    2. Aiko


      Just keep swiping right ;P

    3. Simatho

      I feel like Youtube tips are a bit over the top

      And swiping all the time sounds like a safe option haha

  2. Is there any chance Reign of Kings ever makes a comeback in this server?

    1. Ender


      tbf RoK needs to make a comeback . . . . Period. No one plays that game anymore since the devs dropped off the face of the earth.

    2. Simatho

      Ohh... didnt know that.

      is a shame, it was fun

  3. Can you get in here?

    Yeah, I think it use to be a cave and you could enter it. Was a great spot
  4. bye staff.

    I hope we can remain best of friends
  5. Do people still care?

    The second you said "constantly trying to get into wars", your post lost all credibility. Sorry Though I can agree, more interest in joining would have helped
  6. Well,

    I've been pretty inactive for the past two weeks for IRL reasons and now I am leaving (once again) for a few months in France for work.

    Good stuff but still bummed out I won't get to further RP with my character and create my hostile group I had been working on for a little while.

    Big shoutout to @Specificity (AKA Crim) for getting me back into RP just in time for the lore wipe.

    Also S/O to the whole U.N (especially the O.G) for providing some of the greatest internal and external RP. You guys rock.


    Hopefully, when I come back 0.63 will be live and this community will keep shining but still have a bit more members. I genuinely we are in a time where RP is at his highest in general and I hope it stays this way.



    1. Crim


      See you soon man, can't wait for the brokers v71! xD

  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I hate the term "yeet" and I think Beanz should be removed
  8. Snapchat!

  9. I too enjoy garlic bread

    1. ExoticRainbow


      How has it been up for 30 mins xD

    2. Simatho

      People were liking it too much I guess

  10. -User was warned for this post-
  11. Fairwell To My Favorite People.

    Ohh no! Man, I've had some great times with you IC and OOC. Wheter it was with the Bear Pact or just playing some project zomboid. You're a top dude and I'm glad to ser you're leaving for st least positive reasons. You seem to have a great attitude about your whole ordeal and in these situations, radical changes are for the best. I hope it gets better for you. Lets keep in touch ok?
  12. Well deserved man

    1. Red


      That's very kind of you to say so.
      I'll make sure to do the rank justice.

  13. ohhh. That's a shame and quite sudden. o7
  14. Real life picture Thread

    Lol, this was suppose to be a dik pik
  15. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Looks great! I'm sure you'll pull this off