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  1. Simatho

    Abyss Media Thread

    Seems like great RP! Keep it up
  2. All these people making leaving threads being so vague on why they're leaving.

    Anyone wants to shed some light for me 🙂

    1. Aiko


      Because someone came back that they don't like, simple.

    2. AlwaysGamer


      It's mostly because of the recent unban wave of people that did MAJOR Rule break. Harassment, Massive RDM, etc. They got unban and it made the server extremely bad. That + how bad the RP and community is since almost a year now, that was the spark that ignite the fire and people just said "Fuck it, this server is fucking dead. Time to leave"

      Pretty much sums it up, obviously, people probably have more personal reasons

    3. Simatho

      Thanks for your answers 🙂

  3. Simatho

    [66.6] [OPEN] Jack Warren

    ::Jake would hear the transmission on his radio while strolling through some woods. He sat down by a tree with a shocked look on his face. He un-clipped the radio from his belt and pressed the PPT :: " Jack? Is it really you? " " If it is, we need to meet. I'm tired of roaming around pretending to care. I have some advice regarding your little project. Hell, I'd love to get back in business. Also, this transmission was a mistake. I suggest you stay low for a while. You still have friends around, yes, but many enemies as well " :: Jake slowly put his radio back on his belt and smiled. ::
  4. Are there vehicles in this patch? 

    1. Sleepyhead



    2. Simatho
  5. :: Jake takes the old police and radio and clears his throat :: "I don't often ask for charity, but I need a hand in Novy Sobor, at the police station" :: Jake pauses, hesitant :: "No funny business por favor" :: He puts down the radio and keeps rummaging for supplies ::
  6. Hi It might be me but I couldn't find the emote for sitting down or the putting your hands up one (Except the frantic wave) Anyone knows anything?
  7. Crim

    • Crim


    1. Simatho


      How you doin?

    2. Crim


      When r u back? 

    3. Simatho
  8. I kind of want to come back soon, but I just don't know where to start...

    Any pointers towards good RP at the moment in the server?

  9. So what are the prime time to play some RP nowadays?

    1. Harvey


      Depends on your time zone honestly.. UK/EU is usually 7/8 until 12/1 local time. The yanks usually play from 12 to 5/6 on EU time... I can't say for sure the prime times locally for them...

  10. So fellow gamers 🤣

    What's the new big game 🤔

    1. Strawberry


      DayZ Standalone

    2. Eagle


      Nah that game is shit. Gta PUBG anything really other then Sa

    3. YaBoiParantoid


      Tarkov tbh

  11. What's next?

  12. I'm selling this profile for 75$ (Beans included)

    Only serious inquiries please

  13. Is there anyone from Glascow in this community?


    1. Crim


      Where's that?

  14. Simatho

    o7 Leaving Staff

    Red will never get to be red
  15. Bad selfie Cool place Barcelona