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  1. Your alive still??????

    1. Simatho


      Seems like it 🙂

      Im trying to hop back in RP slowly.  

    2. Aeryes


      Let me know if you want to play sometime.

    3. Simatho
  2. I ended up surviving thanks to a well placed can in a zombie pocket. From there I found some other stuff when looting.
  3. I knew DayZ was gonna become a class based survival game... Thanks for the info Shanoby
  4. Fun fact :

    The guy that played the young version of the father in the Haunting of Hill House is the same actor that played the kid in E.T

  5. Okay, thanks for all the answers You can mark it as solved
  6. I logged out at GM. How do I get mushrooms?
  7. I screwed up and allowed myself to have my hunger go down to red. Realistically, when I log back in, how much time do I have before I die of starvation. thanks
  8. Richard Morgane was born in south of France in the small town of Auch. He grew up in a upper class family that valued class and french art. As a young adult, he moved to Paris where he started studying and hopping through different majors. He ended up immigrating to Montreal, Canada where he finished studying Fraud Security. He taught at university for many years and got the nickname "Molière" from his students. He was approach by the RCMP to be a team leader for the anti-fraud branch and he started a new career. After only two years, he was investigating some high profile case. That investigation led him to travel to South Zagoria where many cyberfrauders where operating from. From that point, the story unfolds...
  9. And that's only the stuff YOU've been working on??? Damn, if all DayzRP developers create that much content, you'll soon catch up with the Dayz Dev Team
  10. Simatho

    Is it combat log if they attempt RDM?

    I don't think so.
  11. This kid of video give me hope


  12. Anyone working in cybersecurity in this community?

  13. Didn't know what to name my character so I looked up on my desk two books. One was written by Jake Weaver The other by David Brooks Therefore Jake Brooks was born
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