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  1. Simatho

    Abyss Media Thread

    Seems like great RP! Keep it up
  2. Simatho

    [66.6] [OPEN] Jack Warren

    ::Jake would hear the transmission on his radio while strolling through some woods. He sat down by a tree with a shocked look on his face. He un-clipped the radio from his belt and pressed the PPT :: " Jack? Is it really you? " " If it is, we need to meet. I'm tired of roaming around pretending to care. I have some advice regarding your little project. Hell, I'd love to get back in business. Also, this transmission was a mistake. I suggest you stay low for a while. You still have friends around, yes, but many enemies as well " :: Jake slowly put his radio back on his belt and smiled. ::
  3. :: Jake takes the old police and radio and clears his throat :: "I don't often ask for charity, but I need a hand in Novy Sobor, at the police station" :: Jake pauses, hesitant :: "No funny business por favor" :: He puts down the radio and keeps rummaging for supplies ::
  4. Hi It might be me but I couldn't find the emote for sitting down or the putting your hands up one (Except the frantic wave) Anyone knows anything?
  5. Simatho

    o7 Leaving Staff

    Red will never get to be red
  6. Bad selfie Cool place Barcelona
  7. Yeah, I think it use to be a cave and you could enter it. Was a great spot
  8. Simatho

    bye staff.

    I hope we can remain best of friends
  9. Simatho

    Do people still care?

    The second you said "constantly trying to get into wars", your post lost all credibility. Sorry Though I can agree, more interest in joining would have helped
  10. Simatho

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I hate the term "yeet" and I think Beanz should be removed
  11. Simatho

    Snapchat Friends

  12. Simatho

    S2 Cherno - Trolling + Baiting 14:50ish 2017-08-25

    -User was warned for this post-
  13. Simatho

    Fairwell To My Favorite People.

    Ohh no! Man, I've had some great times with you IC and OOC. Wheter it was with the Bear Pact or just playing some project zomboid. You're a top dude and I'm glad to ser you're leaving for st least positive reasons. You seem to have a great attitude about your whole ordeal and in these situations, radical changes are for the best. I hope it gets better for you. Lets keep in touch ok?
  14. ohhh. That's a shame and quite sudden. o7
  15. Lol, this was suppose to be a dik pik