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  1. Well... I dont realy know how to start... My name is Bar, I am 22 years old, born and raised in Tel-Aviv. I alwased loved chalenges and wanted to become like my badass father, a high ranked solider in the "Sayeret Matkal" of the IDF. So a high ranked solider I never got be but I was still in the "Sayeret Matkal" and after these LONG neverending 3 years of service I started to plan my post service trip. I was never was a lucky person and got trapped in this fucking hellhole. The trip was meant to be a 87 days long of hiking and living in a tent I bought while every weekend I go to the nearest city and sleep there in a local hotel... One time I went to Chernogorsk and saw had to run away from a horde of these things, these unhuman things that chased me. Somehow I maneged to escape and since then I just wandered across the country try to not die...
  2. Well my character has plenty of books in English but the thing he miss the most is yhe night life and to go clubbing with his friends
  3. MaToLiZeM

    Coat up?

    looks amazing! I can emagine how badass it will look
  4. MaToLiZeM

    The Elder Scrolls Five/Skyrim

    Favorite Race? Bosmer What level did you reach? My main character is 198 (this character is since the day the game went out) Did you mod? Ofcourse
  5. Well my favorite beer that I can get in my country is Corona and Carlsberg but the best bear I have ever tasted is a German bear called Flensburger. I tasted that bear while I was in an expedition to Germany and ny host showed me my bear and it ended with me buying a huge bottle of 2 litters of that bear and sneaking it into my country even when in my country I was considered as underaged... now I am saving that bottle for my birthday this summer. also Krabmbacher (I think this is how it's writen) is a nice bear
  6. MaToLiZeM

    Let's see who is the tallest person here in the community!

    I think it's 6'7 because I use meters and I am 1.97 meters
  7. Only what I need... I played for a month with only 12 slots and a pistol holster with a magnum
  8. Well my character name is not realy normal to begin with (Bar) and the name itself cuased a lot of confusion arond people especially when I hang around a Pub/Bar most of the time... but I also was for a long time Tent Man/Guy/Dude because of my military I had on my back...
  9. During the time I was in a military base (pre-service school program) I had my own personal M4 with holoshigt that I learned how to run it and shoot it and I needed to take care for it.
  10. I carried a military tent and a fishing rod for a long time... Until I got KoS'ed and yet to find another one
  11. MaToLiZeM

    [IMPORTANT] PSA - Don't log out with cooking pots full of meat in your inventory!

    I have 2 pots one with raw and one with cooked and the servers never crushed while joining...
  12. Welcome to the community and I think it will be more fun to discover it through IG experiences
  13. MaToLiZeM

    Zombie Horde

    I love it and hate it on the same time. Love it: looks good and seems fun as hell Hate it: My rotten potato PC get laggy when there is one zombie close to me and I really don't want to know what will happen to my PC with a zombie horde
  14. MaToLiZeM

    Unnamed - We are Survivors [IG RECRUITMENT]

    I AM NOT DEAD(Yet) I just discovered that if I want to be able tp recover from a weekend that includes program designing test Valentine's Day and Friday 13, I need to dedicate every free second for studying or in working... I'll be back in Monday (I hope :'( )
  15. *As Bar heard the on going transmissioms on the radio he feels like he is talking to some kindergarden children. After alot he has been going through Bar snaps and decided to transmit on the channel again. Bar took his heavly upgraded walkie talkie and pressed the transmitting button* "Hey Blackbourn guy. Are new in this hellhole or you are just diconected from this reality? Ether way you are stupid as hell! If you havn't heard or tried, this place is blocked for transmitting to the outside, trust me I tried. It took 2 months to get a generator, conecting it to an anthenna and run a fully radio signal and all this was to discover that the radio signal is broke. Hell I even tried to conect an Ipad I found and all I got was russian website that is also blocked inside this region. And even if Quinn will be magicly able to get in touch with his suppiriors, what does it matter? The infection has already got viral to the rest of the world but Iceland, and Iceland has isolated itself a long long time ago so forget about getting there... If you will keep being disconected from this reality will end up dying. All I have left to tell you is that you have to learn how to get some informationg in order to be updated from your surounding. Bar, out." Bar released the transmitting button and put back the radio inside his backpack. Bar saw the sun rising from east and sadness started to feel him. The lack of his friends made him wish to just have someone to share the sunrise and hoped that these "little idiots" won't end up dead