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  1. Welcome. Always great to get OGs back.
  2. Well said, couldn't agree more.
  3. I think everything you've written here might be the best course of action. Not too fond of a SZ being implemented.
  4. Quite the blast from the past, great seeing you back around.
  5. Here's a snapshot of what we had on the leaderboard back in April 2013.
  6. Yup, way back in ye olden days of mod there was a leaderboard on the site with various stats. Total playtime, longest time alive (currently alive and former), total zombies killed, etc.
  7. I was in it with ya, awesome lol. Welcome back!
  8. Gotta say I especially dug that clip. Really dope stuff!
  9. Did you lead the LRA at some point during mod?
  10. IGN: Ludvik Martinek (subject to change depending on group) Country: United States English skills: Bueno DayZ Mod Experience: ~500-750 hours, Steam didn't record a majority of my sessions. DayZ Standalone Experience: 809 hours, like 90% of that time here on RP. Roleplaying Experience: On and off since 2013. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Pretty adaptable, I can generally do whatever's needed of me. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Free Medics (Mod), 85th Platoon of the Chedaki (2015), The Red Federation (2016), Křížek (2016) Additional notes: Been a quiet vet, most everyone I know is gone. Looking to get some good times rolling with a new crew. Best way to contact you: PM or find me on TS. Backstory: TBD if I'm changing characters.
  11. Good luck with this!
  12. 10/10 it's pretty mlg fam
  13. Bogdan Zagoda squatting next to a deaded buck