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  1. I understand your concerns, I just thought it was a harsh punishment for the events. Nobody had spoken to me or told me do not do it that way which would have been a better way to deal with it. Even if you kicked/banned me from the server telling to me to speak with an admin/mod at the time. I understand these actions may have been harsh towards other players in the game and i would like to have another opportunity to play. I also understand if I stream it then I am setting an example for new players to come across, Saying that I played like how I have seen many streamers play and interacting with someone who is typing out every word is difficult and poses an easy target in the sense he is standing still every time you say something. Please take this an apology of my actions and in future I will make sure to state my intentions before engaging in activity.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: A perm ban for that is stupid Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: First time on the server streaming and probably got a fair few members to sign up on the site, I find a guy up in a city and I group up with him because he informs me that he has a secret loot spot with lots of gear is. I say to my stream maybe we will have to taze him and take all of this loot. So jump ahead outside elektro this guy shows me some loot and tells me that he has some ammo for a repeater (which i have on my back), He refuses to trade weapons also he doesn't have a mic so he is typing everything so I take the opportunity to taze him, I take the ammo and run out of the house locking the door. The guy gets up gets through the door and starts opening fire on me we have a gun fight and i win then an admin bans me. Now i am not sure if the admin was watching the stream or was the player in question, When I challenged the ban saying how is that bad RP all of the admins i believe "Bella" and somebody else maybe connor on twitch start flaming in the chat about fail rp and they get banned by my mods. Maybe this is wrong but it was very hard to interract with someone who doesn't speak and is typing everything. I am sure having a working mic is a requirement to join so why is he even allowed to play without it? No admins warned me or spoke to me on teamspeak just straight up permed from something i was streaming. (A normal player would be fine as they're not broadcasting to the world) I think the mod is cool and it is extremely sad if admins are going to watch streamers to jump as the first chance to ban them, Even my friend PsiSyndicate has had this problem being banned already and now being unbanned due to admins picking out every mistake. The player in question was never harmed just tazed on the floor in safety of a house i left him with a gun etc and that is what he decided to open fire with.