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  1. Callesen Mitchell was born and raised in Auckland New Zealand, He lived a normal life as a child but as he reached his teenaged years he became troublesome. Callesen was kicked out of highschool and began indulging in a life of crime and substance abuse. After multiple close calls with landing in prison he decided to turn his life around and enlisted In the Royal New Zealand army at the age of 18 years old as part of the Royal Infantry regiment. He after 3 years he then made it into the New Zealand SAS where he was sent in a classified mission in the country of Nyhiem. It was during his time serving In Nyhiem that the outbreak began and during the extraction of his unit Callesen Risked his life to go back and pick up an injured comrade. When he returned to the extraction chopper he was told the chopper could only hold enough weight for one of them. Without hesitation Callesen loaded his fallen comrade onto the chopper and sent them away. Callesen believes he is the last one left of the New Zealand Army in the country and to this present day is trying to survive and find away back to his home country.
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