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  1. Infidel

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    Where did you find a gif of aleks? Welcome, lass.
  2. Infidel

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    I miss everyone that has left....
  3. Infidel

    My farewell to a best friend.

    07 Lad... I miss the banter and RP already. Great tribute Joffrey
  4. Infidel


    You were a great villain IC, and an even better lad OOC. Please hop on TS and banter with me from time to time.
  5. *Josef is monitoring the channel Komissar has set his broadcast to so he can wait and listen for replies while holed up in the log cabin for the night. He hears his name and is at first tense. Upon realizing it is Alyssa, he relaxes. He grabs his radio and keys up.* Da, I am doing quite well, Spasiba. Since last seeing you, I had some nice holes put in my leg courtesy of the Gamblers but they have healed and it all has been taken care of. I still feel a debt for what you and your people did for me that day. If you ever need anything, please let me know. Dasvidaniya, Alyssa. I hope to see you soon. Stay Safe. *Josef puts down his radio and leans back in his chair motioning for Vlad to pass him some of the whiskey.*
  6. I know they are Green Berets. That's why I asked what group they were with then asked if they were SFOD-D. Also, I was wondering what they were doing in Chernarus and how they met up with the ambassador and his Marine Guard detachment.
  7. Infidel

    [ChDKZ] Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnaya Zvezda [LADS ONLY]

    Who are you?
  8. Considering one of the people you mentioned was in our group and another was a girl that my character personally knows from the Colony Caravan, I'm asking you how you know these two people In Character to know their names and use them.
  9. Thread looks nice and I've enjoyed the interactions I've had with you guys so far. (Who doesn't love torture and executions?) Only questions I have are about the Special Forces guys. Why are they in Chernarus and what happened to the rest of their guys. Also what Group are they with, or are they CAG or whatever name it is that Delta goes by now?
  10. Infidel

    Hive Wipe Incoming 0.58

    RIP .57, twas the Golden Age of Firefights. 07 to a time that will never be forgotten.
  11. I think you consider yourself a bit more of a player in the game than you are Gatted you once for the Josef thing, but quite frankly haven't heard anything about you or the militia for like a month. We've had our focus on some other poor people for a while now, you've gotta make a name for yourself if you want the Chedaki to hound after you! Last I heard yall was still hunting me...I mean I've walked past your group twice in Dolina already...I don't wanna fight you guys but yall just dislike me hehe- If Josef finds you, he will kill you. But and this is a big but, like he told Justice Trannor on that night to the Chedaki you are small fish in big pond, shit on shoe. Us Chedaki are not hunting you but I encourage you to do something to cause us to hunt you.
  12. Infidel

    S2 - Berezino - Aggravated abuse of game mechanics/NVFL

    You didnt start shooting until I was already in the animation to handcuff you. I had the handcuffs out after typed OOC F2 and gave you a good few seconds to try to put your hands up. It wasn't until after you typed //pressing it and you didn't put your hands up that I went to handcuff you. As soon as I entered into the handcuffing animation, you stepped back to void the animation and then decided to spray me down. Again, why did you think we were going to kill you if I had handcuffs out?
  13. Infidel

    S2 - Berezino - Aggravated abuse of game mechanics/NVFL

    You said this as the Chedaki were initiating on you, you then attempt to gun them down. Why were you using ooc to ask how to surrender if you had planned not to comply ? I planned to comply at first. Then when I realized F2 was not raising my hands up, I knew you were going to shoot me, so at the last second I decided that I wasn't going to be taken prisoner. Lots of stuff goes through your mind when you're getting surrounded by 3 guys who want to mug you, so I had to act fast if I wanted to remain a free man. Why would I try to handcuff you if we had just planned on shooting you anyway? We simply wanted to RP with you and did it by initiating because you were being dodgy. Also why did you wait until I had started to handcuff you to back away and start shooting us?
  14. If you're SWCC, I'm assuming a there is a squad of Navy Seals somewhere hiding in Chernarus. Also what is someone on a SWCC team doing on a destroyer? The idea has potential but the lore needs to be airtight.
  15. Infidel

    Unknown Russian Frequency

    *Josef turns up his radio as he listens to what he has come to believe is a familiar voice. He momentarily stops walking as he thinks about all that the Chedaki can accomplish with these new-found friends. Snapping back to reality, he continues walking down the road gathering his thoughts. He thinks about what to say and keys up the mic.* "Tovarisch! The Chedaki are glad to hear you and your men have survived your trek through the mountains minus a few pairs of boots." *He chuckles a little at his joke* "I have told the men of your arrival and they are all excited to meet you and your men. They feel like it is a meeting of friends long lost. We all anticipate your arrival and will arrange a meeting once your men have settled in South Zagoria. Do no worry about having no vodka left. We have plenty cached along with spare weapons throughout South Zagoria. Willing women are a bit harder to find, but we will do our best to make sure there are women on hand to relax your men after their long journey. Contact us on 132.2 when your men have settled and we will bring the vodka and the women. Dasvidanya. We will meet up soon. *Josef puts his radio back in his pouch and thinks for a moment. He gives the men he is with a simple order* "I promised our new friends vodka and whores. We have very little vodka and no whores. You are all to go out and find some of both. We need to make a good first impression with our new friends." *The men split up into groups after receiving their orders.*